20 Hilarious Things That 'Curvy Girls' Will 100% Be Able To Relate To

20 Hilarious Things That ‘Curvy Girls’ Will 100% Be Able To Relate To

20 Hilarious Things That ‘Curvy Girls’ Will 100% Be Able To Relate To

All in all, girls can find most of each other’s problems relatable. We understand the agony of the monthly ‘Aunt Flow’ visit from hell, when a first date goes disastrously wrong or when our coffee just hasn’t set us up to deal with a*sholes just yet.

However, there’s one-way girls can be divided…and it’s nothing to do with men!

Curvy girls are a special breed of woman and they often suffer problems that other girls just can’t relate to…it can be lonely being so bottom heavy!

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From just not being able to get a decent pair of Jeans to fit…to knocking everything off a table with your butt everytime you saunter past, life for the busty, booty girl can be difficult.

Oh yes, the Curvy life is beautiful too, don’t get me wrong
…but as this list shows, it can also be darn hard!

1. Will the Wardrobe Malfunctions EVER STOP!?

Curvy girls are in constant fear of flashing everyone their private bodily parts. We also normally have a constant wedgie when we wear a body suit because our thighs are taking up most of the fabric, and therefore, stretching it beyond its meager means! *sigh*

2. When the boyfriend fit becomes Skinny fit…

Curvy girls often have to buy ‘boyfriend’ or ‘mom’ jean fit, because there’s no way our huge butt is ever going to fit in anything labeled as ‘skinny!’ We’d have more chance at becoming Pope!

3. You just don’t get it!

Skinny girls may think they understand the struggle, but they just won’t ever realize the real difficulties, until they’ve bent down in skinny jeans and unintentionally turned into the HULK.

4. Big Butts aren’t everything…

Everything seems perfect until it is actually attained…then you usually want nothing more to do with it. So goes with the big bazonga… all that glistens isn’t always gold.

5. A mind of it’s own….

Natural beauty is one thing, but when your body is doing things against your wishes, that’s bad, girl! I don’t mean to be so seductive, that’s just my a** thinking for itself again!

6. These Boots AREN’T made for walkin’

Curvy girls can never fully embrace the knee-high boot, as they will NEVER fit our calves. I have so much personal relatability to this one. I love me’ a good knee boot, I can just never get any of damn things to fit me! Pray for me!

7. We never have to worry about length (ooer, missus!)

Yep, us curvy girls never have to worry about the length of our skirts or dresses…you’d think this would be a good thing, right!?
Well, it’s only because we know our a*s is going to take up most of the length and end up showing next week’s washing anyway, regardless of how long it is!

8. Nothing is safe

A smashing time, but for all the wrong reasons!
Don’t invite us curvy gurls to anywhere that has lots of tables and breakable glass wear. It’s just not going to end well!

9. We can only dream…

Cute little bras and panties are about as attainable as Tom Hardy for the curvy girl gang… can’t help but dream though, can we?

10. My Precious

The underwear game is no joke for curves ‘r’ us! & It’s understandable when it can cost us a month’s salary for one t*tty holder!

11. An expensive business

R.I.P to all the jeans who were inflicted on the curvy…so many innocent denim lives lost. Doesn’t bear thinking about! Smh.

12. It really is an epidemic…

I’m sure someone should probably set up a ‘protect the jeans from thick girls’ charity…

13. Life never imitates reality

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The curvy girl has quickly realized that ordering online is never a good idea…it just never looks quite right. Better to save the emotional meltdown that comes with trying it on when it arrives and finding you look like a builder rather than bootilicious.

14. All different shapes and sizes…

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When your butt, thighs, and stomach all have different dress sizes, it’s hard to imagine how we even manage to find something that fits…other than sweatpants.

15. All fun and games until…

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Our a*s and thighs just can’t be contained… they want out…always!

16. A universal language

The bust at the thigh jeans could be the curvy girl’s secret handshake. This is why we can’t have nice things!

17. The curse of the chub….rub

It makes me wince every time I think of the cataphoric chaffing that inflicts me everytime I wear skirts or shorts… it’s enough to bring tears to the eyes and blood to the thighs! Eeeek! Satan’s prison hell is no laughing matter!

18. Excuse me, ma’am…

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Not only do our thighs and butt always want out, but are boobs are in on the game too! There’s just no relent! Our bodily parts are just rebels and there ain’t no stopping them!

19. A race against time…

A race against the boob sweat should be an Olympic sport! Few try it… many fail.

20. But(t) it ain’t all bad really…

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Our bodies may have a mind of their own and often rebel against us, but sometimes, it can be our own personal cheerleader too!

Let all the curvy girls stand together! Despite all our destroyed pairs of Jeans and broken glasses…

We’re killing it!

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