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20 Intriguing Things You Should Know About “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial”

20 Intriguing Things You Should Know About “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial”

We all recognise the story of E.T., an alien who is stranded on Earth. Lonely Elliott becomes friends with the extraterrestrial and wants to ensure that E.T. can return home to the stars, all the while keeping the ordeal a secret from everyone else.


If you loved this movie, here are 20 facts you’ll enjoy just as much!

1. E.T. was originally planned to be a horror movie

The initial concept for E.T. might surprise you: Steven Spielberg first came up with a story about a terrified family that was harassed by aliens in their own home.  Of course, he decided in the end that the movie would be family friendly, and this scary concept was instead used to inspire Poltergeist.

2. The story of E.T. was dedicated to Harrison Ford’s then-girlfriend Melissa Mathison

…as the majority of the script was written simultaneously to the filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark.


3. Drew Barrymore first auditioned to be in Poltergeist instead

She auditioned to play Carol Anne, though Spielberg didn’t think she was suited to the role. This audition did land her the role of Gertie in E.T., so it wasn’t all bad news!

4. M&Ms were supposed to appear in the movie

E.T. was originally planned to be tempted into Elliott’s house with M&Ms. However, Mars, Incorporated didn’t agree to have the chocolates used. When Reese’s Pieces were used in place of them, there was a 65% increase in sales as a result.


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