20 Jealous Pets That Stole Their Owner’s Partner

20 Jealous Pets That Stole Their Owner’s Partner

20 Jealous Pets That Stole Their Owner’s Partner

We all love our cute and furry pets that keep us company and never fail to make us laugh. Unless you own an evil angry cat that hates you then, sucks to be you, sorry.

However, sometimes our pets can get a little jealous and try to steal your significant other. It sounds ridiculous but these pictures will really show you the jealous side of our seemingly innocent pets. So, you might want to be careful if your pet loves you too much, they might turn into a homewrecker.

1.) Don’t come near him

HellaClassy / Reddit

Want to enjoy coffee and cuddles with your boyfriend? Not a chance, the second you turn your back, this pup’s slid into bed and is giving you, THIS look.

2.) True love

johnsie07 / Reddit

This prairie dog is the cutest thing EVER but don’t let his charm win you over. He had stolen this man’s girlfriend and now has moved in with his girlfriend.

3.) The look of jealousy

ssdshannonmarie / Reddit

This woman’s cat is completely in love with her boyfriend. Every time she tries to sit next to him, her cat gives her this terrifying look. I would sleep with one eye open if I were her, that cat looks like it means business.

4.) Best friends

kwpotato / Reddit

This girl’s boyfriend is very close to their pet cat, maybe a little too close? We never knew that a cat could pose for selfies but clearly, they can! Even the expressions match…

5.) He’s mine

jordendsampson / Reddit

This guy’s girlfriend can’t cuddle up to him on the sofa because his dog gets far too jealous. Those EYES say it all…

6.) Cuddle buddies

mdemouli / Reddit

Whenever this woman’s husband falls asleep, her cat will ALWAYS find him without fail and sleep next to him. This is probably the cutest thing ever and we wouldn’t even be mad about it.

7.) Jealousy in a picture

sombrabrz / Reddit

His dog is jealous of his girlfriend and doesn’t even want her in a picture with them! Jeez, this dog really needs to learn to love himself.

8.) She left them for 5 minutes…


And then when she came back, she found that her dog had stolen her boyfriend. It’s the paw over his chest and the smug look on her face that kills us!

9.) He’s no longer your husband

DeniseGrace / Reddit

This cat won’t leave this ladies husband alone. We have never seen a cat sit like that and we are slightly scared.

10.) Just hanging out

Pulvercity / Reddit

This woman walked in her boyfriend and cat sleeping like this. We think that we would just walk straight out again and try to forget what we just saw.

11.) Eyes to melt your heart

iCantDieSoWhyDontYou / Reddit

The way this man’s girlfriend’s dog looks at him is full of pure love.

12.) Back off buddy!


This guy’s dog stares at him like this whenever he’s in bed with his wife. No chance is this man getting a cuddle!

13.) Cuties!

jaymemartin / Reddit

This little kitten likes to keep warm in his beard, it’s probably one of the cutest things ever.

14.) Sleeping buddies

Larsenator / Reddit

This is how this woman’s boyfriend and cat sleep every day. Look how smug that little cat looks!

15.) Miss steal your man

kswizzard / Reddit

This adorable dog knows exactly what she is doing. Her face is everything and it looks like she is saying, “Jealous yet? Silly human.”

16.) Sorry for interrupting you both

termytwo / Reddit

These two are way too close for his girlfriend to be comfortable with it. This dog is a certified homewrecker!

17.) They sleep like this EVERY night

vloss / Reddit

This woman’s cat sleeps on her boyfriend’s face every single night. We have no idea how this doesn’t wake him up…

18.) Jealous?

schowey / Reddit

This guy’s wife has really won over his dog. The way the dog is sitting and the sassy look on his face is slightly intimidating…

19.) When your cat loves your boyfriend more than he loves you

idontknowhowtoimgurverywell / Reddit

This woman’s cat has completely rejected her and only ever wants to hang out with her boyfriend. Not fair, she raised him!

20.) Making your girlfriend jealous

Gilmowy / Reddit

This guy sends pictures like this to his girlfriend to make her jealous. We have no words, it looks like some kind of engagement photo!