20 Nightmarish Things Found Stored Away In People's Parent's Houses

20 Nightmarish Things Found Stored Away In People’s Parent’s Houses

20 Nightmarish Things Found Stored Away In People’s Parent’s Houses

Parents houses can be the ultimate place to find weird collections of items that seem to have no apparent explanation. Some of these finds are so perfect that it’s almost too much to handle…

Some of these strange items do tell a story of a family’s history whilst others are just plain disturbing. Either way, you might want to be careful next time you look around your parent’s house, you never know what you might find…

1.) Unicycle toilet paper

nick_klaus / Twitter

Is this little guy awesome? Yes. It this just a tiny bit weird? Incredibly so. Either way, I kind of REALLY want one of these now, he is amazing!

2.) Just, why?

KyraSchu / Twitter

This disturbing lion is the size of a COFFEE TABLE! That is just horrifying. However, the urge to embarrass your own kids is incredibly strong and even though he once hated it, now he wants to keep it forever!

3.) My eyes!

OhHeyGuysItsMax / Twitter

If I ever found this in my parent’s house, I think I would start screaming and then probably attempt to burn it with fire. This just shouldn’t exist, it’s so scary. Although, it is quite fitting…

4.) That will scare people away too…

Shavely / Twitter

This one is simply terrifying. There definitely aren’t any birds though at least! Or people, or houses, or neighbors…

5.) Straight from a horror movie

cryptid_dog / Twitter

This evil horse is NOT something that I would be comfortable with having in my house. What’s that red stuff that it’s covered in? It looks way too similar to blood…

6.) What is going on here

TheHappyAspie / Twitter

I wonder how they explain this ornament to guests? It’s just a frog who has enslaved a turtle to ride on the back of forevermore? Why? No one knows.

7.) Children are still scared of the dark

Zezenzuska / Twitter

I think kids are also scared of dogs now too after having to sleep with THIS every night. This is one that really should be thrown away…

8.) So festive

SecularNuncio / Twitter

Nothing says Christmas like a creepy tree made out of evil killer dolls. I would worry about my parents if this was in their house…

9.) Me? Bitter? NEVER

seth1389 / Twitter

I love this one although if this was my mom’s I would ask her to kindly not talk about getting “done” in front of me.

10.) Cross-stitch me like one of your French girls

cindy_snyd / Twitter

This one really unsettles me. I hope this wasn’t done in real-time. The model would have been posing for a very LONG time. You can see the pain and fear in its cross-stitch eyes.

11.) Disturbing on so many levels

Infinitebrads / Twitter

Dead squirrels posing with mundane items? Totally normal. This is wrong on so many levels and I really REALLY hate it. That’s all I have to say about that.

12.) Just a regular Elvis fan

Natalou / Twitter

This is another super weird one…I think even Elvis himself would be disturbed to see this kind of committed shrine dedicated to him. I would have to plan an intervention for my parents.

13.) I prefer my toilet paper naked

MIGlutenFreeGal / Twitter

Toilet paper cover? Who needs to cover their toilet paper that badly? I would much rather exposed toilet paper than to have to look at THIS doll of pure evil.

14.) Your mother should give up crafts

Ktatroe / Twitter

It’s great that your mother has hobbies and all but this is just wrong. A creepy baby headlamp RIGHT NEXT TO a bowl of decapitated dolls heads?! What is going on in this household!

15.) The worst thing to ever exist

Kmgriffin / Twitter

Some people may say that social media, selfie sticks or war are the worst things that human beings have ever invented. I beg to differ; this doll is single-handedly the WORST thing humanity has created.

16.) I’ll stand, thank you

bar_runge / Twitter

There’s no way in HELL that I would EVER sit on this thing. It’s just too creepy. Was this once a real cowboy? Don’t answer that.

17.) Pickled heads: a tasty snack!

Johnnykaje / Twitter

Why do things like this exist? I know what will compliment my flowers, a jar of pickled children’s heads. NO!

18.) Why Jack, why?

OhHeyGuysItsMax / Twitter

The babies DEFINITELY do not approve of this photoshoot. Also, Jack is about to literally sit on one. I hope no babies were harmed during this photoshoot!

19.) For all your twine needs

ChristinaJuneYA / Twitter

Who actually needs twine that often that they need a creepy evil chef man to constantly supply twine from his mouth. Where does it come from?!

20.) Do you think she gets the joke?

Nathaniel_Hoyt / Twitter

If my mom had this on display in my house when I was a teen, I would have been MORTIFIED. Imagine when friends or partners came over…*shudders*

I don’t know about you but I sure am glad that my parents were never this weird. What’s the strangest thing you have found in your parent’s house? Let us know in the comments!