20 Of The Best Worst Spelling Mistakes Made In 2018!

20 Of The Best Worst Spelling Mistakes Made In 2018!

20 Of The Best Worst Spelling Mistakes Made In 2018!

Sometimes, we laugh at something that is so silly, we feel we really shouldn’t be giggling at it. I mean, if something is unintelligent and we find it funny, then doesn’t that make us unintelligent, too!?

I don’t know, but sometimes, it’s just unavoidable.

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Learning how to spell is something we all learn pretty early on as kids, but obviously, some people didn’t get the memo after the basics…(like, CAT AND DOG!)

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& In the days of social media domination, we have a new dawn for Grammar Nazis, who pick and pull our written words apart, like the last chicken drumstick at a Christmas buffet!

So, I guess, these next hilarious twenty, truly terrible spelling blunders are you for Grammar pickers out there!

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But I can guarantee that you’ll be laughing your socks off, way before you get the urge to correct them…and with some of them, you may just be too appalled at the sheer ‘WTF?’ effect of it, that you will most likely just want to recoil in horror and nothing much else!

& On that note…Enjoy!

1. Popeye loved his…SPINCH!?

Facebook: HolyHeckMeme

At first glance, it looks okay…and then it hits you! It’s Spinach without an ‘A’! That’s no good! Popeye’s favourite food can’t be missing it’s ‘a!’ It won’t work otherwise!
It also kind of sounds like someone has given Spinach a bad nickname, that makes it embarrassed everytime you say it.. ‘Hey, Spinch how you doing, bro!?’ *groans*

2. Soup for the Hands


I know this is more likely going to be that someone has spelt ‘soap’ wrong, but, let’s face it. Isn’t soap, hand soup, anyway!? Technically!? Maybe that should be soap’s new name!? Okay…maybe not!

3. That lesser-known Italian Delicacy!

Twitter: @kniqhtmaps

You know it!? Surely!?
I know they’ve just probably spelt it how they’ve heard it pronounced and for that I wouldn’t mind, but it doesn’t even sound right when you say it like this!? It’s bloody hilarious though, I’ll give it that!

4. Welcome to my barmistaba!


How is it spelled? (I think you mean, ‘spelt’ young man! Don’t make it worse for yourself!)
Well, it certainly isn’t like that, my friend! I don’t even think the strongest word corrector or spell checker would have even had a clue what they were talking about! Nowhere near!

5. C’est Magnifine


Wow, those magnifine glasses are mighty fine! I think whoever wrote this certainly needs a magnifine glass!

6. I’ll 9 you!


You’ll eight what!? You’ll nine what!? I need answers here! What are you going to do with them!?
(Seriously though, how could anyone think this was correct!?)

7. Life goes on….braw!


Is a braw, a bra that has some extra WAW factor!? Is it like a bro for your t*tties!? Maybe…

8. Scarmmbled Eggs, anyone!?


Ah, everyone’s favourite breakfast combination. I think I’ll pass on the jelly as* though… *ahem* #justsayin’

9. That’s expensive juice!


What!? I’m not giving you my salary to put in a juice! I don’t care how nice it tastes, bugger off!


Twitter: @LJBaker22

The first rule of how to make friends and influence people!? Just make sure you always manage to get over the sheer, blatant ego of your testicles!

11. The Ultimate Agony Aunt

Twitter: @sixfeetunder_85

I can kind of get where they’re coming from here, Auntie Depressant would make a brilliant Agony Aunt name, wouldn’t it!?

12. A questionable item


Hey! It may just be me, but I don’t think you should be selling something like that on a website. I hope he had his Grandmother’s permission, I mean…abdomen’s are pretty important!

13. A what!?


Do they mean, garage!? Surely not!? Surely no-one is that dumb!? It’s not even a valid attempt, they’re about 3 buses, 2 taxis and a long walk away from being anywhere near!

14. Our heart goes out to you!


What is convienious and why are you so sorry for it!? It sounds nasty!

15. Sterobrys

Image: Facebook

You know, that lesser know red fruit that goes well with ice cream!? No, I’d never heard of it, either!

16. Mr Will Bolow

Image: Facebook

Just no…what the heck is wrong with some people!? This even looks all kinds of wrong written down! Deary me.

17. Did you get a puncture?

Image: Facebook

I really don’t know whether or not this guy is just happy to have a puncture, or is just dumb and is just trying to be nice to his kids. If so, I guess that’s something, despite the dire spelling. Let’s just hope he’s not homeschooling his kids!

18. Don’t forget your refernaces

Twitter: @clodiuh

Oh dear. I don’t know about you guys but, if this is the ‘refernaces’ section, then I’d love to read the essay! Actually, no, maybe not…

19. Flaming Yawn


Wow, tonight’s dinner sounds hot AND boring at the same time! I can’t wait!

20. The Kings of hand towels!


Now, this is either paper towel royalty or they’re just things that are really, really good at taking a sly sleep during the day!

Well, what did you think of these blunders!? Carelessness to the extreme? Or the epitome of stupidity!?

Better yet, have you actually seen even more dreadful spelling mistakes than these!? (Surely, that’s not possible?!) Let us know!