20 Of The Absolute Greatest Pizza Box Drawing Requests

20 Of The Absolute Greatest Pizza Box Drawing Requests

Have you ever been tempted to fill in the ‘special instructions’ when ordering a pizza delivery? I’m the type of person that usually writes ‘drive safely’ (hey, I worry about my delivery driver) but these folks asked for a little bit more than that…

Whether it’s asking for a meme, a joke or a drawing request, these people definitely got what they asked for! Pizza workers definitely have some hidden talents…prepare to laugh and I can’t promise you won’t be craving pizza by the end of it…

1.) I am amused

Bitesizedspider / Reddit

For MONTHS this guy asked the pizza place to draw a cat inside his pizza box. Then, one fateful day, he FINALLY got what he asked for. It was definitely worth the wait, this drawing is awesome!

2.) He asked for a joke in his pizza box

TheCChamby / Reddit

Oh, wow this is a doubly awesome joke. It begins with a great cheesy pizza pun, solid. It then develops into a MASSIVE Pizza Hut burn! I didn’t know that there was such a rivalry here…

3.) Ouch…

Sotigoz / Reddit

Well, this person got what they asked for! As if the mirror wasn’t bad enough, it was the fact that they wrote ‘smile’ on it as well. It really does make you rethink your life choices and whether you should order pizza ever again once you’ve been SHAMED.

4.) Don’t ask a pizza company to ‘send nudes’

Occasional-Win / Reddit

This guy really got what he asked for. I have no idea if they actually sent him the pizza he ordered as well or…I really hope they didn’t and they just responded with this. Teaches you to stop being a creep!

5.) They finally wrote a joke on the box!

AnonymousTowel / Reddit

Aww, this is the cutest pizza box I have EVER seen its just adorable. I feel really sorry for the happy dinosaur that can’t show it by clapping his hands, how heartbreaking! I hope the recipient of this pizza box tipped.

6.) He asked for ‘something to cheer up my girlfriend’

Immeimme / Reddit

Oh dear. Now, this IS a sticky situation and this pizza company really dropped him in it! This could go one of three ways:

One, his girlfriend says yes but the boyfriend doesn’t want to and it’s intensely awkward. Two, the girlfriend says no and doesn’t believe the boyfriend when he says it wasn’t his idea. Three, the girlfriend says yes, the boyfriend wanted to marry her anyway, they live happily ever after as the walk hand in hand towards the sunset.

7.) This joke did not disappoint

PandalfTheGrey / Reddit

I bet this guy was happy when he received this joke upon request. Although a little savage, I must admit that this joke is pretty funny. I hope that lady had a burn kit on standby.

8.) Love a good hipster joke

alinarodriguez_ / Reddit

This one really did make me chuckle. Hipsters have obviously done EVERYTHING before it was cool, the rest of us are just losers, clearly.

9.) They asked for a ‘cute heart’ on the pizza box

aroused_browser / Reddit

I wouldn’t exactly say that this looks like a ‘cute heart’ but it’s a pretty realistic one instead! This really is an impressive drawing and this pizza guy definitely deserves a tip!

10.) She asked them to ‘write something funny’

Kirkdoesntlivehere / Reddit

I love this one because they refused to write something funny and so ended up being funny anyway! Who doesn’t love a good grumpy cat meme?

11.) ‘Draw a classy cat’

Mpnature / Reddit

Now, that really is the classiest cat I have ever seen. I kind of love that cat so much I want to frame it so it can stare at me and judge me as I eat last night’s takeaway cold and at 11 am.

12.) They were having none of it

Tr3v0r / Reddit

They asked for a drawing on their pizza box and this is what they got. Hey, at least it’s SOMETHING. I’ll go to Starbucks to ask for my drawings now instead.

13.) He asked for ‘something cool’ to be drawn on the box

jstephens2482 / Reddit

This pizza worker certainly delivered on the brief, quite literally. They really do have a great sense of humour and that is quite an impressive ice cube drawing, might I add.

14.) They asked for a funny picture…

payton_pesina24 / Reddit

Now, this is hilarious. Top marks for dry humour, however, they asked for a PICTURE so this gets a solid 8/10.

15.) They asked for a socially awkward penguin on a pizza box

Skedoozy / Reddit

Odd request but okay…these pizza workers smashed it! Although they lied about their artistic abilities, that’s a far better penguin than I could ever draw.

16.) Spongebob meme request

Killerbees99 / Reddit

Now, this is slightly disturbing, you really do get what you ask for. However, that HORRIFYING Spongebob is something that I will never be able to unsee. Top marks for disturbing your customers!

17.) Pizza Hut when asked to write a joke…

Mdmerc / Reddit

This is incredibly sad and is probably the most tragic thing that I have ever read. I might start a movement for this year…#joyforPizzaHutworkers2K19

18.) They asked for a space cat and got a masterpiece

Adreacope / Reddit

Now, this really is something special. The time and effort that went into this magical space cat is just astounding! Maybe they should have spent more time cutting the pizza properly though because THAT is tragic.

19.) They wrote ‘meme’ 200 times in the special instructions

Codebam / Reddit

Wow. Now, that really is annoying. I’m not surprised that they got such an angry and frustrated meme back. At least they didn’t sabotage the pizza in retaliation, it looks delicious.

20.) They requested a joke

andrew_balls / Reddit

Aw, okay this is really sad. It’s true that pizza workers don’t get paid enough for the long hours and busy work. This is why you should DEFINITELY tip them for bringing you pizza, I mean, they are basically heroes.

I bet that the next time you order a pizza, you are definitely going to write something in the special instructions now, aren’t you? I might even write something a little bit more adventurous than ‘drive safely’. Have you ever requested a special drawing or joke? Let us know in the comments!