20 Of The Most Shocking Wedding Dresses Ever Worn

20 Of The Most Shocking Wedding Dresses Ever Worn

20 Of The Most Shocking Wedding Dresses Ever Worn

Your wedding day is most likely going to be the most important and special day of your life. So, the bride’s wedding dress is kind of a big deal, right? Your wedding dress is what you are going to be wearing when walking down the aisle and ALL eyes are on you…

However, some brides take it to the very next level and wear wedding dress so outrageous that you don’t know whether to look away or not. At least their wedding with be memorable, for all the wrong reasons though…would you ever wear any of these wedding dresses?

1.) The vagina dress

via vonjour.fr

Just…why? I cannot fathom why someone would want to wear this EVER let alone to their wedding! Their entire family will see her walk down the aisle, her father will be like, “yes, that’s my daughter, wearing the VAGINA dress.” I just have no words, it’s so awful, imagine the photos!

2.) Who needs modesty?

via buzzviral.info

I mean she’s got it and she’s DEFINITELY flaunting it. However, it’s just slightly inappropriate for a wedding, don’t you think? It also looks painfully uncomfortable to wear, she can’t exactly do any dancing either, one vigorous move and she will expose herself in front of everyone! Impractical doesn’t even begin to cover it.

3.) This MIGHT be a shotgun wedding

via buzzaura.com

I mean, I’m not sure why she wants EVERYONE to know about her shotgun wedding. I know that it’s normal for women to show off their pregnancy bumps but this is just weird and uncomfortable looking. It’s definitely not the most flattering dress in the world and definitely doesn’t work as a wedding dress.

4.) Now you can eat your wedding dress!

via youm7.com

FINALLY, a wedding dress that I can eat, something I’ve always wanted! Not. This just makes zero sense and must be impossible to move an inch in, let alone walk down the aisle. I have no idea how they even made this, did they have to bake it with her still in it? This dress is the definition of extra.

5.) A wedding dress for a 6-year-old

via ayoye.com

If you’re old enough to get married and you’re STILL obsessed with Hello Kitty, you might want to rethink your life choices. This dress is certainly bold but just because it’s pink, doesn’t mean that its pretty…

6.) I don’t know what this is…

via ayoye.com

This looks like a dress I made in textiles class when I was in high school. Yes, it looks garish and cheap BUT it certainly will turn heads. It MIGHT not be the best choice for a wedding though or any other occasion…

7.) A Miley Cyrus inspired dress

via stuff.co.nz

This wedding dress is perfect for those who are a fan of Wrecking Ball. It really doesn’t leave much up to the imagination which I’m sure the groom will appreciate. Not sure about the rest of the family that have to watch you walk down the aisle though…

8.) The cauliflower head dress

via tropicalida.com.gt

This is literally me when I’ve got a little too carried away with the accessories on a night out. However, I’m not sure why you would EVER want to look like you’re wearing a cauliflower as a headdress on your wedding day. I think it’s meant to resemble clouds but when I look at it, all I see is cauliflower. At least it’s…different.

9.) The cocoon


On your wedding day, do you want to feel like you’re wrapped tightly in a cocoon and can’t move at all? Then this is the dress for you! I would love to see her try and walk, I bet it looks hilarious.

10.) Diaper queen


When you are overrun by babies that it’s just more practical to carry diapers around AS your dress. This is perfect for a bride who has lots of young children. It’s practical AND pretty. Expect the second part was a lie.

11.) Dresses are for losers


This bride decided that wedding dresses were too mainstream and she would prefer to just wear absolutely nothing at all! Just because she is covered in body paint though, that makes it completely acceptable. I wonder what they would do if it rains?

12.) Pop goes the wedding dress


If you are incredibly brave and trust everyone at your wedding enough NOT to pop your wedding dress, then this is perfect! She would save a lot of money too, all she needed was balloons! I wonder how awkward it was walking down the aisle, imagine the SOUNDS it would have made.

13.) She’s got so much love to give


This bride just wants everyone to know that she is very much in love WITH HER HEART. She want’s it made clear that she loves pink and glitter too. I mean, it stands out but it’s a bit much for my liking. Maybe that makes me boring.

14.) Where’s the bride gone?!


If you want to constantly lose your bride throughout the day, this camouflage dress is the one! Maybe she just wants to constantly hide from the guests and avoid hugs and calls for speeches throughout the day. Thinking about it, this is a genius idea!

15.) Castaway dress


This dress makes this woman look like she was just ravaged by a wild animal but managed to escape. She has been living in the wilderness for weeks but she managed to find her way home and make it to her wedding on time! What an incredible story this dress tells.

16.) When your wedding is LIT


This woman clearly thinks that both herself and her wedding is on FIRE. She really is turning up the heat on other wedding dresses and everyone else is just burning up. She will walk down the aisle in a cloud of smoke.

17.) We’ve got a code red


I can’t decide whether this is just an unfortunate dress design or if she’s on her period and no one decided to tell her. Either way, it’s definitely not pretty.

18.) Flattering wedding dress


If you want your wedding dress to look as unflattering as possible, then this is the one for you! Not only does it look hugely uncomfortable to wear, but all of the guests are also going to be extremely uncomfortable seeing this.

19.) When you love America too much

This bride is clearly VERY patriotic and just HAD to let everyone know on her wedding day. It’s fine to love your country and all but do you REALLY need the flag plastered on your dress?

20.) The “help yourself” dress

As she walks down the aisle, guests can just grab a cupcake to munch on during the ceremony. Yes, she might feel like a human buffet but at least the guests are happy. This is probably the best dress on the list and that’s saying something…

So, if you are planning on getting married anytime soon, here’s your wedding inspiration! Well, inspiration of what NOT to wear on your wedding…