20 Wholesome Things About Steve Irwin That Prove He Was Just Too Good For This Planet

20 Wholesome Things About Steve Irwin That Prove He Was Just Too Good For This Planet

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    September 4th, 2006 is a date that I – and millions of other people around the world I’m sure – will never, ever forget.

    Because on September 4th, 2006, the world lost one of it’s true, true treasures – a loveable, adored Crocodile Hunter who went by the name of Steve Irwin.

    And in case you need reminding (although I don’t know why you freakin’ would) Steve Irwin was an Australian TV host and all-around-good-guy conservationist who literally won over the hearts of millions of people across the globe with his incredibly infectious enthusiasm for some of the most terrifying animal on the planet. Not to mention he taught an entire generation of 90s kids how to be able to appreciate nature and all of its inhabitants, great and small.

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    And when you look back on the type of guy Steve Irwin was, you can totally see how he became such a global phenomenon. The Crocodile Hunter was patient, kind and adorable and we were all truly lucky to be able to get as much of a glimpse into his life as we did.

    Anyway, in order to commemorate one of my favorite legends ever, I tracked down some of the most wholesome Steve Irwin memes I could find and put them all together for you guys to enjoy along with me.


    It doesn’t matter what animal Steve was dealing with that day or that episode, he always looked at it like it was the most beautiful, glorious thing he had ever come upon. To him, literally, everything was a BEEYOOTEEEY.


    See what I mean? Steve was fearless with his love, across all species, no matter how ‘dangerous’ or feared they were. He loved them all and we all loved him for it.


    I love this idea and from now on will 100% be using it in any scary situation I find myself in whatsoever… which is pretty much every situation I’m ever involved in.


    Congratulations, you have now been officially blessed my this post! I’ve never seen a purer, more wholesome image in my entire life. I’ve already downloaded it to my phone so I can look at it on a gloomy day.