20 Of The Scariest Things Captured On Google Earth

20 Of The Scariest Things Captured On Google Earth

20 Of The Scariest Things Captured On Google Earth

Google Earth is pretty incredible when you think about it. This amazing technology allows you to see every inch of the ENTIRE globe just by the click of a button. If someone told me this would be possible a couple of decades ago, I would have laughed and then also get a little paranoid, how are Google taking these pictures?!

Unfortunately, Google Earth captures absolutely EVERYTHING and the world isn’t always such a pretty place, it can be pretty scary too. Here are some of the weirdest and scariest things Google Earth has ever captured…

1.) Companies NEVER stop promoting their brand

You may have thought that promoting your brand on a secluded hillside would be pointless as no one would see it but Coca-Cola had other ideas…It clearly has paid off as now everyone can see their brand on Google Earth! I think this is taking things too far but I don’t know about you, I kind of fancy a Coke now…

2.) Why is this lake blood red?

Just outside of Sadr City in Iraq, there’s this random blood red lake that no one has any explanation for. This is just really sinister and hopefully, it’s just paint or something…

3.) Collision captured at a large intersection

This is pretty chilling, to think that you’re just browsing Google Earth and a picture like this comes up, reminding you that things like this happen every day. Hopefully, everyone was okay.

4.) Aeroplane graveyard

This image shows Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona, it is a collection of abandoned aeroplanes that have no longer be in use since the end of WWII. This looks like such a cool place to walk around, it’s definitely on my bucket list to visit!

5.) The 1200-foot pentagram

This image was captured in Kazakhstan and it’s incredibly spooky. Not only is it a gigantic pentagram carved into the Earth but also no one actually knows how it got there…

6.) An erupting volcano

Whoever was taking this picture is either incredibly brave or stupid! This angry volcano is located on an island in the Vanuatu chain in the South Pacific. I really wouldn’t want to mess with this one…

7.) A hidden bunker in New Mexico?

This one is a bit of a conspiracy theory but APPARENTLY, this is the alien space cathedral of the Church of Scientology. That doesn’t seem far fetched at all, completely plausible.

8.) An enormous crater

This monster was created by a 150-foot piece of rock that fell from space and struck Earth at 25,000 mph to 160,000 mph. It is located in the Northern Arizonian desert and it only happened 50,000 years ago. That sounds a long time ago but in the Earth’s timeline, it’s really notIt’sts pretty scary…

9.) Google Earth can solve mysteries

This one is pretty disturbing. Davie Lee Niles went missing in 2006 with few leads on his whereabouts. Somebody then noticed a blurred image in the top right-hand corner of this lake. It ended up being his car which was never noticed at ground-level.

10.) A giant face that appeared in the clay

This creepy looking face was NOT created by human intervention. It actually formed naturally through the process of erosion. This makes it 10x creepier and I don’t like it.

11.) Are those bodies?!

No, they aren’t thankfully. They are just mannequins. Kind of weird that someone wrapped up a bunch of mannequins and threw them in the bin though…

12.) They look…friendly

I have no idea what’s going on here…Google Earth can capture some amazing things but it can also capture the strangest things. I would not want to run into these guys late at night…the guy with the weird pan over his face is the strangest.

13.) Moments after 9/11

Not everything Google Earth captures is pleasant. This is incredibly harrowing to see the huge clouds of smoke still being released into the sky immediately after 9/11. Let’s just hope nothing like this ever happens again.

14.) A mysterious sea monster

This is located off the coast of Antarctica’s Deception Island (now, that’s a shady name if you ask me) and no one has any idea what this is. Yes, it’s probably just a blue whale but it’s far more exciting to think that it’s the Loch Ness Monster of underwater UFOs, don’t you agree?

15.) Lunik IX in Slovakia

This is a famous ghetto with minimal access to basic amenities. It’s heartbreaking to see a little child on the floor with no parent in sight. It can be quite shocking to see that places like this exist, makes us feel very lucky to have what we have, measures need to be taken to help people living in places like this.

16.) A nice neighborhood…

There are some places where you would just never feel safe walking or driving through, this is definitely one of them. I mean, these guys are standing on a porch and pointing guns at the poor innocent Google Earth guy just doing his job, I wonder how they treat other people?! This house has a very unpleasant history. A baby was sadly found dead in a closet here with no confirmed cause of death, its incredibly upsetting and disturbing.

17.) Jet engines can cause some damage

This picture shows just how powerful jet engines are, they have destroyed all the grass that is behind them!

18.) When Mother Nature is angry

Yeah, you might not want to annoy Mother Nature, or she WILL retaliate! This fire in Arkansas quickly spread across a large field, thankfully, people were warned in time.

19.) Creepy sculpture

This disturbing sculpture has a very strange backstory. It was created by a Scottish gangster and convicted murderer, Jimmy Boyle. He actually designed it while in prison. This creepy 100f-foot-tall sculpture is located in Hunters Hall Park in Craigmillar, Scotland.

20.) The largest shipwreck on Google Earth

This one is very sad to see. S.S. Jassim met its demise when it sunk off the coast of Sudan in December 2003. Very disturbing to see that this was captured.

Google Earth captures beautiful and incredible things but it’s very humbling to see some of the weird, disturbing and sad things that happen around the world every single day. We should count ourselves lucky to live where we do.