20 Celebrity Statues That Are More Of An Insult Than A Tribute

20 Celebrity Statues That Are More Of An Insult Than A Tribute

    As humans, we have always idolised celebrities and followed their every move, fascinated by their fame. This has resulted in us making statues of our idols, immortalising them forever.

    However, if you are planning on immortalising a celebrity forever, you might want to make sure that you hire a damn good sculptor who is going to do a good job.

    Not only is it a terrible eyesore to have a bad statue of someone but it’s also embarrassing for the celebrity, imagine being immortalised with an ugly statue! Here are the very worst statues ever to be unveiled for celebrities…

    1.) Luis Suarez

    This statue of Luis Suarez unveiled in his hometown of Salto is more than a little disturbing. Considering his famously awful foul in football where he bit a player, I think karma might have bitten him back with this terrible creation. He looks a little bit like a vampire which I guess is fitting…I wouldn’t have recognised him otherwise!

    2.) Andy Murray

    Shanghai Rolex Masters decided to make terracotta statues of famous tennis players, don’t ask why…it is the most random thing ever. Unfortunately for Andy Murray, he was included and ended up having a statue that looked, well…like THAT. He looks awkward and unimpressed, I can’t blame him!

    3.) David Beckham

    H&M decided to celebrate the launch of their new David Beckham range in 2012 with this statue of the man himself. It really doesn’t look anything like him and I think that they were FAR too generous with his private area…it’s uncomfortable to look at!

    4.) Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo certainly is aware of the fact that he is one of the best football players in the world, he certainly isn’t humble either after he decided to build his own museum in his hometown of Funchal with a giant statue outside. The statue is, of course, of himself. Clearly, the sculptors wanted to get in his good books by making his crotch region so generous, at least it distracts from the fact that the statue looks NOTHING like him.

    5.) Kurt Cobain

    Aberdeen, Washington is Kurt Cobain’s home town and they decided that they wanted to name his birthday, 20th February, ‘Kurt Cobain Day’. To celebrate it, they decided to unveil this unsightly statue. As if Kurt Cobain didn’t have a hard enough life, this is now what people will remember him by…