20 People Who Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

20 People Who Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

20 People Who Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Life is too short not to have fun while you’re here. Yes, there are good days and bad days but if you are always looking at life super critically then it’s just going to drag for you!

These guys really do know how to brighten up their day with silly little antics and it is definitely something that brought a smile to our faces. We hope you can enjoy these and have a laugh today!

1.) This guy knows how to make someone’s day

Honestly, if he pulled up when I was worked my day would 100% be made. What a cool dude!

2.) An in-depth conversation

What is with these people and watermelons? Looks like people who don’t take life seriously like to either wear watermelons or talk to them…what concerns us the most is the guy that took the picture, why was he looking in his neighbour’s window anyway? Hmm.

3.) A killer granny

This granny doesn’t hold back when it means getting involved in a photo shoot and we love it!

4.) True love

These notes crack us up! Honestly, true love is when you can laugh at one another and not take offence or take yourself too seriously.

5.) So cute!

The old lady really is dedicated to feeding the squirrels and it’s the cutest thing we have ever seen.

6.) That’s dedication to a joke

This guy really goes the extra mile when trying not to take life too seriously! We love this joke but we aren’t sure the police will find it too funny…

7.) Selfie of the year

This guy is now officially called the King of Selfies. He answers to nothing else.

8.) He wears this shirt every Wednesday

This guy is the ultimate rebel that doesn’t play by the rules. Got a top that says Tuesday? He will wear it on Wednesday because life is just a game to him.

9.) Go, team!

This guy may not know what team is playing or even what the sport in question is BUT he is a fan anyway! The ultimate fan of sports.

10.) A peaceful protest

This little guy simply had to let the world know how much he loves trains. Now he can finally sleep at night.

11.) Young at heart

This old man doesn’t care what shoes he wears, as long as they light up and make him look awesome!

12.) Poor kid!

He may not see the funny side now but we really hope he will when he’s older because we sure do!

13.) An innovative protest

What is this guy protesting against? What is the last straw? No one knows but the sign is cool at least!

14.) When mum makes friends

This mum is literally the coolest mum to grace the Earth. She just makes friends with anyone and everyone, with no judgement!

15.) Listen to your mum’s advice

Maybe Griffin should listen to his mum because this photo is slightly scary…those shorts though.

16.) Just minding her own business

You know when you’re just walking down the street and a statue grabs your butt?

17.) This pillow is a bit much

If you don’t take life too seriously, you are likely to own this pillow. Your cat is also likely to hate you.

18.) Breaking bread

This employee is funny and artistic – we love it! Honestly, this guy can make bread interesting, his life must be wild.

19.) Priorities

These parents definitely have interesting priorities…Ghostbusters 2 IS important though.

20.) The perks of googly-eyes

We want to do this to every item in our fridge now.