20 Perfectly Timed Photos That ARE SO AMAZING, You WON'T Believe Your Eyes!

20 Perfectly Timed Photos That ARE SO AMAZING, You WON’T Believe Your Eyes!

20 Perfectly Timed Photos That ARE SO AMAZING, You WON’T Believe Your Eyes!

Forget right now, all you know about reality and every day ‘normality…’

Abandon, all who enter here, any kind of scepticism or doubt…

For things that seem far-fetched can actually hold a lot of truth and what looks like a trick of the eye, can be a startling reality! Apparently, it’s just all about taking the right picture at the right time!

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For, as you will soon see, sometimes a picture is taken that is so naturally awesome…a moment in time that instantly becomes a total masterpiece, that any further editing just isn’t needed.

Sometimes, all you have to do to get the perfect, amazing shot, is to search a little more, take in your surroundings and be more aware of what is around you…even if it scares you a little!

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Because you just never know the moment of wonder, that you may capture!

*click, click*

1. Ahhh, that’s no big deal…really…

That post is just being held up by the power lines…no big deal…I’m pretty sure it’s safe, right…RIGHT!? Mind you, I’m also pretty sure that this pic will be used as evidence in a court case at some point. Yikes!

2. Errrrm, I don’t think that’s where a ship is supposed to be!?

No, it’s not been some freak accident that would make even the Titanic disaster look tame. It’s actually an amazing ship-shaped hotel in South Korea! I was going to make a horrible pun about hoping everything in the hotel is in ship shape! But I resisted, for the good of you all.

3. Well, that’s not terrifying AT ALL!

Now, you’d just think that the pilot was perhaps slightly p*ssed and took a wrong turning, wouldn’t you? But no, (thankfully) this is an ACTUAL airport runway, that just happens to go over a highway!
Yeah, I would totally be avoiding that, I’d just keep on forgetting and having a heart attack every time I saw a plane just casually driving across it. Nah, mate, I’ll get the bus!

4. Reflections of the ghostly kind!

Wow. This awesome work of art is located in Worpswede, Bremen (that’s in Germany for people who don’t know!)
Imagine not knowing this was here, though!? Heart attack central once again!

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5. Oh hai, little hooman!

From filling your pants, to filling your heart, this is such a sweet moment! Luckily captured forever by one keen-eyed, well timed photographer! Cute!

6. Cloud trolling

I don’t know about cloud busting, but I think cloud trolling is certainly a thing after looking at this! This sky fluff masquerading as a UFO has definitely made for an awesome pic! Let’s hope it didn’t fool too many people, though! #choas #probinggate

7. What…the…?

Now, I’ve always been the first to say that my cats are always watching me, but this takes the biscuit! #cyclopskittyforthewin #alwayswatchingyou

8. Say I’m your number one!

This moss growing in the ground has managed to somehow form the most perfect looking number one that I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s an OCD’s dream!

9. You’re fading away from me…

Wow, who thought that filing cabinets could actually disappear!? (Not really, it’s just the shine on it and a perfectly structured picture position that is making it seem that way!) Amazing!

10. The changes of the seasons in one shot!

How beautiful is this!? A total seasonal transition, captured in one picture!

11. Be my shining light

This light shining through this glass vase has been beautifully captured creating the prettiest rainbow! Completely magical.

12. My cup runneth over…or not as the case may be!

Wow, how did this tea NOT overflow!? Sure, it’s made for an awesome pic, but there’s definitely some matrix sh*t going on here!

13. Looks like heaven!

This just looks like someone has sneaked into heaven and taken a picture, but it’s actually a bird’s eye view of the CNN Tower in Toronto! Absolutely stunning!

14. Amazing art (and arms!)

Again, I would totally have slight heart failure, if I saw this and I didn’t know what it is. But again, thankfully, it’s just an amazing art installation in an abandoned building!

15. Red or green, which is clearer?

All that grass is greener on the other side rubbish, has got old! Today, it’s all about whether or not the grass (and trees) are redder on the other side!
This looks amazing, it looks like a scene from a fairytale movie where the Red Elves live on one side of the road and the Green Elves live on the other. I think that’s totally what is going on here!

16. A golf ball found INSIDE a log!

Wow. I’m guessing that game of golf didn’t go too well…or it did, depending on how you look at the results.

17. This actually makes my eyes cry, slightly…

Apparently, this was taken where there’s usually a huge pond, that sinks every dry season. Trippy, much!?

18. More cloud trolling?

This cold front in west Texas totally looks like those cloud floofs are at it again with the trolling! Looks cool, though doesn’t it!? (That was an unintentional pun, I swear!)

19. Looks like the mirrors are pretty good trolls too!

This reflection of a tunnel in these mirrored glasses looks amazing!
Looks like the photographer has inadvertently captured the album cover for a new electronic dance album! Someone phone Daft Punk, quick!

20. & Finally, we actually have photographic proof that witches DO exist!

& Not only do they exist, but they also compete in water sports competitions!
Now, who’d have thought that!? You’d think that would be the least likely thing they’d want to do? Have they not seen ‘The Wizard of Oz!?’

What’s the best (or worst) thing that you’ve ever captured on camera!? Let us know!

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(All images sourced from: BRIGHT SIDE – Unless otherwise credited.)