20 Photos That Show Why 1970's Men’s Fashion Was Just Plain Awful

20 Photos That Show Why 1970’s Men’s Fashion Was Just Plain Awful

A lot of fashion trends never go out of style, they will always find a way to become the latest trend again and again, just with the re-brand of being “retro”. However, there are some fashion trends that really do deserve to NEVER come back or even exist in the first place…

A lot of these terrible fashion trends that should be banned came from the 1970s and were specifically for men. After seeing some of these you will probably want to wash your eyes out…

1.) My eyes, my eyes!!


This is so many levels of disturbing. From the shiny fabric, to the colors and then how tight it is…its just too much for the eyes to handle. These men look fabulous but even THEY can’t pull off these outfits…

2.) Out of this world style

Wow. This really is something special and not in a good way. Leather with snow leopard print fur? Please no. Also, it’s far too long, he looks like he’s up to something. Please never let this come back in fashion!

3.) Unusual underthings…

Unusual…yeah that’s the right word. This is probably the most disturbing thing that I’ve ever seen. What’s with the nurse/nun lady? She looks just as concerned for him as I am…

4.) Hitting the town

This is actually quite painful to look at. The girl is rocking her outfit! The men, however, definitely are not. Why does everything have to be so shiny?! The weird waistcoat is definitely not it.

5.) My mom had this outfit


Is this a joke or? I’m pretty sure my mom used to wear outfits like this in the 70s. Sure, men can too but either way, it’s not a great outfit in the first place!

6.) Let’s play soccer in our ponchos!


Do these guys like to meet up and play sports in their ponchos or something? Looks kind of uncomfortable and sweaty. They don’t look too ‘fashionable’ either.

7.) Knitted EVERYTHING

For some reason, men in the 70s seemed to have an undying love for knitted clothing. Even the bartender is looking at them like, you actually wore that?

8.) Underwear that’s funtawear

Wow, what a catchy slogan! This is just all kinds of disturbing. I don’t even know where to look and my eyes have started watering from the pain of looking at this…

9.) There’s Waldo!


I think the world has finally found Waldo. Unfortunately, we found more than we bargained for, we also found men in long nightdresses that should never been worn by anyone, ever.

10.) Fashion at it’s finest


Wow, looks like Grandma was very busy during the 70s. Men really couldn’t get enough of the knitwear, could they?! The belts too, wow, it really pulls it all together…not.

11.) Coordinate with the sheep!


If you want to look like sheep, wear these ‘lovely’ jumpers! I’m really not sure what was going through the designer’s head when they thought of this idea…

12.) This is hard to look at


There really is a lot going on here…Why was everything so tight in the 70s?! They loved to clash their colours too. Either way, nothing looks going in this picture, it deserves to be burnt.

13.) That sure is “super special”


This really is just a bit too much, mixing a floral shirt with a pink suit, oh please no! The guy looks disgusted with his own outfit and I’m pretty sure the woman is trying not to scream in horror.

14.) Is that Borat?!

Have you ever wanted to match your underwear with your vest? Well, now you can! But you really shouldn’t…this definitely needs to stay in the 1970s.

15.) Be proud of your chest hair


In the 70s, you had to have a lot of chest hair in order to be cool. You would be even cooler if you showed it off and wore open-chested shirts like the one on the left. This is probably the grossest trend ever.

16.) Man’s vest and cap

The J. Smith Archive

This is just amazing. Finally, the life struggle of finding a matching knitted vest and cap has been resolved! We can all rejoice and stop our search. I have no idea why anyone would EVER want to wear this combo…

17.) Is that a construction hat?


I’m not sure why the guy on the left is wearing a construction hat…was that actually considered fashion in the 1970s? I love how they are all trying to seem happy but you can clearly see the pain in their eyes…

18.) Is this the worst dressed man in history?


I think we’ve finally found him, folks. THE worst dressed man in human history. Everything about this outfit is so wrong. From the checks to the colour and the collar, everything is just AWFUL.

19.) Lovely shirts

These guys really are rocking these ‘stylish’ shirts. My personal favourite is the one in the middle, the necktie really does bring it all together.

20.) The most intense outfits ever

I think everyone in the 70s must have been colourblind. Also, the one on the far right looks so complicated to put on, it’s DEFINITELY not worth it.

I think we should all be grateful that we are no longer in the 1970s and fashion is MUCH better now. Let’s just hope the day that 70s fashion comes back NEVER happens.