20 Photos That Show Why Every Child Should Have A Furbaby In Their Life

20 Photos That Show Why Every Child Should Have A Furbaby In Their Life

20 Photos That Show Why Every Child Should Have A Furbaby In Their Life

The animal lovers among us will more than likely have fond memories of being allowed a pet as a child. The excitement, the unconditional love and a natural, cuddly playmate!

In fact, some of our fondest memories of our childhood maybe our memories of our first furbabies.

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Without really even knowing, our pets give us a lot and teach us a lot, so when we’re around animals from a young age, they can teach us so much at this tender age, about love, kindness, respect and taking care and thinking of something else’s well being rather than our own all the time.

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So, as the following 20 pics will prove, if you’re a parent and your child is mercilessly and constantly asking you for a pet of their own, we urge you to strongly consider it!

The gains from it (for the child AND YOU), may be way more than you ever bargained for!

1. Dogs and Kids go together like Cheese and Crackers

There’s nothing quite like witnessing the special bond between a kid and their pet, but that bond is especially more beautiful when there’s a Dog involved. Dog’s have this natural way of showing love to everyone around them (regardless of who they are!), which is such a valuable lesson to pass onto its human friend. Every kid deserves a dog and every dog deserves a kid. Bless!

2. They’ll always have a nap buddy!

Getting a pet for your child will always ensure that they have a nap buddy when the need arises…they’ll also be well protected and kept warm by their fuzzy best friend. Now, you can’t ask for much more than that, can you?

3. It’s such a perfect day

As someone who grew up with some of the best felines on the planet, I know that there’s no more of a perfect day in your childhood, then lounging around and playing in the garden, in summer, with your best cat.
I’m sorry, I think my heart just fell out onto the floor…I’m just going to go and cry now.

4. No such thing as too many puppies

The more puppies, the more warm, smelly noses and feet that you get to cuddle up to! It’s a win-win situation!

5. But it’s not all about cats and dogs…!

Their favourite, furry best friend can come in all shapes and sizes! As this gorgeous picture proves!

6. Always my BFF

No matter what happens, a kid will always have a best friend in their pet. They’ll be there for them when no other person is.

7. I’ll look after the baby for you…

Put it this way, if you get your baby a new best friend, you’ll never need a babysitter, because nanna doggo will always have everything in hand (or paw!)
‘Let me just keep this blanket in place for you, tiny human!’

8. Tough on the outside, sweet as sugar on the inside!

Anyone who discriminates against ANY breed of dog should look at this picture. As with your kids, if you raise them right, you’ll have no problem!

9. An unlikely buddy…

This argentian doggo looks mightily strange! However, this little boy seems just as happy with his new found friend! (& Yes, I do know that it’s an Armadillo! I’m just jesting)

10. At your service!

Animals are so clever and have natural healing abilities, they have a natural way of being able to help so many people with disabilities live a more normal and safe life. Seeing your children witness these acts of selfless behaviour at a young age, will hopefully help them to follow suit as they get older!

11. Happy days

I love how they’ve just piled onto that doggo and he’s just giving a look as if to say, ‘ any more kids that wanna pile on me? That’s fine!’
Bless him (or her!)

12. Don’t worry kitty dude, you can have the pillow

I think this is so sweet how the little boy has given in and let his feline friend have the pillow. He obviously didn’t want to move kitty…he’s totally a mad cat dad in the making! He’s already showing one of the most concrete signs…NEVER MOVE KITTY.

13. Don’t worry Mom, you need a break!

I love how this maternal doggo is like, ‘don’t worry, Mom, I got this…no, I won’t wake her, she’ll be fine, you go have a bath!’

14. Your ears are bigger than mine

Animals bring out the natural curiosity of children…and as long as you teach your child respect around handling them gently and correctly, it should lead to some pretty cute moments (& pictures like these!)

15. Sure ma’am, I’ll come to your tea party

Anything for this doggo’s little princess!

16. Can you see it? OVER THERE! LOOK!

“I can’t see what I’m meant to be looking at…oh? That’s where you buried your bones? I see!”
(This is SO cute! Obviously an unspoken, sacred language between this adorable, little gang!)

17. I’ll never leave you

If we hadn’t established already that a child’s dog will be with them through everything, good and bad, then this photo certainly has. I think I may need to go and cry again!

18. Asleep on the job

This family’s new babysitter has obviously overdone herself on her nanny duties already, oh well, sleep tight gentle doggo, we’re sure you’ll make up for it tomorrow!

19. Don’t go near my hooman while he’s sleeping!

Or you will face the wrath of DAD DOGGO!!!
(Look at that face, he’s totally up to something!)

20. Partners in crime 4ever!

This beautiful pic, just screams ‘mischief makers for life!’ They’re such a sweet pair! We can tell that those two are probably causing chaos, breaking hearts and making memories for life on a daily basis.