20+ Pictures Relatable To Women Living With A Man Child

20+ Pictures Relatable To Women Living With A Man Child

20+ Pictures Relatable To Women Living With A Man Child

We all have to grow up at some point but for some people, it can take a little longer than others, enter the man child. Many women suffer living with boyfriends or husbands who may look like men but will resort to acting like a child within seconds if left unsupervised.

We love to hate living with our fellow men children but at least they can provide us with a few laughs! So, let us know if you relate to these cringe-worthy, sigh-inducing moments…

1.) A solar eclipse…

This man child is a master improviser! There was a storm when the solar eclipse went down so he recreated it. Looks completely the same as the real deal!

2.) Down with the kids

This woman was suffering a 12-hour flight delay when her boyfriend decided to wander off. She went in search of him and discovered that he was in deep at a Pixar movie marathon surrounded by a group of 5-year-olds.

3.) The label maker

This girl’s boyfriend bought a label maker and decided to label everything, including the cat.

4.) The contractor

This woman’s father-in-law is a contractor and installs a mirror, sticking it on with the words, “Ted was here”. At least he is marking his territory!

5.) A love of sparklers

This woman bought sparklers for her wedding reception. Her father-in-law definitely seemed to appreciate it…this picture scares us.

6.) Can’t take them anywhere

This dad goes sightseeing in Boston and this was his only photo…

7.) Never ask your man child to pack your lunch…

…Or you’ll end up with phallic fruit.

8.) Also, never ask him to make your bed

You’ll end up with some kind of twisted teddy bear sex-scene.

9.) Can’t be trusted with normal glasses

This woman’s boyfriend knocked over his orange juice and she brought him this glass instead. She knows a man child when she sees one!

10.) Don’t let them make decisions!

If you let your husband choose your shower curtain then you will end up with something like this. Don’t make the same mistake this poor woman did.

11.) A playpen

The adult male is the one that needs a playpen, not the child!

12.) Don’t let the grown-up appearance fool you

The second you leave them along they regress into childlike behaviour.

13.) They can’t take photos

If you ask your boyfriend to take a nice photo of you, you are likely to end up with something like this. We did like the creativity on this one though…

14.) A Mexican Christmas tree

Apparently, this Mexican Christmas tree only lasted for 3 minutes until his wife took control.

15.) He ‘fixed’ the bathroom picture

This man child updated the bathroom picture and we must admit, we did chuckle at this!

16.) A wild night out

This wife’s husband left her sock money posed in a drunken mess for her to find. She didn’t find it quite as funny as he did.

17.) Updating the kitchen canister labels

Took us a while to notice the sneaky ‘cocaine’ canister. Apparently, his wife still hasn’t noticed either…

18.) When a man child makes a snowman

This poor snow-woman was indecently exposed by a scheming man child. We hope the local kids didn’t see!

19.) This is just cruel

This woman’s husband planted this to scare her when she went to the bathroom. It would definitely make us scream and probably cry…

20.) Police called for farting boyfriend

This is possibly the funniest thing we have ever read. The police were called over this poor woman’s boyfriend farting too loudly. The neighbours thought it was domestic abuse, I guess you could say that.

21.) She took him to art class…

Hey, at least he stands out from the crowd!

22.) There was an ice cream sale…

This woman sent her husband to the store and this is what he brought back, his excuse was that there was an ice cream sale…

23.) Pillows you can draw on is a bad idea

Especially if you are living with a man child!

24.) He thought he was home alone

She had no idea why her dad was laughing so hard when she came downstairs to this.

25.) She heard her boyfriend giggling in the bathroom

So, she went to see what was so funny and this sight was before her.

26.) A bunch of man children

They all gather around their religion