20 Signs That Humanity Is Dumber Than EVER Before

20 Signs That Humanity Is Dumber Than EVER Before

20 Signs That Humanity Is Dumber Than EVER Before

With all of our crazy inventions and advanced technology, you would believe that humans are growing more intelligent by the day. Unfortunately, you would be incorrect and all this technology seems to have stopped us from being able to think for ourselves.

Humans seem to be getting dumber by the second and I am seriously concerned about our species. How do we think we are going to populate Mars if THIS is our level of intelligence?! You’ll see what I mean…

1.) I’ll try not to…

Firstly, how on Earth would one sit on this fence without being impaled?! Secondly, someone would have actually had to have done this in order for the sign to be put up. WHY, humans, WHY.

2.) That’s…specific

The fact that we have to tell people that their HOT drink is, well, HOT in the first place is ridiculous. But people are now so dumb that they actually need to be told NOT to pour it on their crotch area. What?!

3.) Lord help me now

We never, EVER want to see someone trying on CONDOMS in a shop, please no. We are praying that they put this sign up just in case and not because someone actually did this…we have no hope.


We sure hope that people are fully aware that Viagra is NOT for newborns. Whoever in their right mind thought it was really needs to seek professional help.

5.) The biggest hot dog in the world

That fact that people would even THINK that this hotdog is true to size really do need to lower their expectations. It honestly didn’t even cross my mind…I bet they got complaints about false advertising. Shame on those dumb people!

6.) Signs for stupid people

Some people don’t know what the word STOP means and so need another sign to explain it. Other people don’t understand that things get wet when it rains. Either the person who made these signs is an idiot or whoever NEEDED these signs is the idiot. I am still undecided…

7.) Um

I honestly had to stare at this for a long time until I could quite comprehend what I was seeing. There’s a literal FOUNTAIN in the middle of this floor and they have put up a wet floor sign. Sometimes logic really does just fly out the window, it probably slipped on the wet floor…

8.) Just in case you didn’t know…

I like to think that we are quite aware that the batteries have been removed when the space, where the batteries are supposed to go, is EMPTY. But no, some people need a label to tell them this. I think the human race needs to go back to school.

9.) Some friendly advice

Hopefully, this was done via a spot of office banter by a prankster. Not an actual serious sign that people need. Surely, we aren’t so dumb that we don’t know how to even drive now?!

10.) You don’t say?

Seriously, do people not look at where they sit before they plonk their butt down on it? If that’s the case, they wouldn’t even read this sign anyway.

11.) When’s opening time?

Now, this is a sign that was made by a dumb person. It would be helpful to know the opening time so people could actually use the library. No more weird cryptic signs, please!

12.) Learning to cross the road

We reached an overall level of dumb that we don’t even know how traffic lights work anymore. How have these people survived so long if they need instructions as to what the red and green man mean? I am concerned.

13.) Really?

With the pavement ending and a massive pole in our way, we would never have known that the sidewalk had ended. Thanks so much for the heads up, friendly sign! *Facepalms*

14.) Words have escaped me

Okay, I get it that people have serious allergies and it’s important to let them know when nuts are contained in food. But who needs to know that peanuts contain peanuts?! The clue is in the name buddy…

15.) How to use an elevator 101

What is this place? Do they just have a huge hole in the wall without doors? So, people keep accidentally stepping into the abyss before the elevator arrives? We feel like this is a massive health and safety hazard and should be reported immediately.

16.) More dumb signs

Okay, so humans cannot breathe underwater anyway so that sign is redundant. Do these people not have a lifeguard because if the kind of people swimming there think that they can breathe underwater then they really should invest in one. Also, the second sign, although it’s tempting to climb on this figurative lion, we hope we aren’t dumb enough to actually do so.

17.) Thanks for the heads up

I mean, I was tempted to use the CLEARLY broken thing with a huge hole in the wall but now that I’ve seen this sign, I won’t.

18.) Remember kids…

Okay, tell me someone who can actually swallow an entire coat-hanger because that’s impressive. The fact that they included a diagram of what you would look like after HAS to be a joke.

19.) And ice is cold

I could understand if they warned that the gate surrounding the fire would be hot but the actual fire itself…come on. People MUST know by now that fire is hot…remember, fire hot and ice cold. Got it? Good.

20.) …And that’s my last shred of hope for humanity gone

OF COURSE, cat milk doesn’t actually come from cats. Do people actually think there are farms where cats get milked for a living? Imagine working there…you would be scratched about a hundred times a day.

I spent the last half an hour shaking my head just looking at these pictures. It won’t stop shaking…please help me.

Humans definitely are getting dumber and there’s nothing we can do about it. The end is nigh, folks.

All images used in this article are sourced from sadanduseless.com