20 Things That Everyone Did 10 Years Ago That Are Totally Embarassing Now!

20 Things That Everyone Did 10 Years Ago That Are Totally Embarassing Now!

20 Things That Everyone Did 10 Years Ago That Are Totally Embarassing Now!

With the 10-year picture trend doing its rounds on all the social media platforms, (or the ‘how hard did puberty hit you?’ challenge, what ever you wanna call it!), it’s easy to believe that people love looking back and even laughing at their 10 year a go self!

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And why not, some of us have changed dramatically, while others stay the same…that’s life! But sometimes it can be good to look back and see how far you’ve come, not just physically, but mentally as well.

& It may not feel like it, but 10 years is a long time and a lot can happen and change in a decade, as you will soon see…

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We’ve compiled a list of 20 things that we were all perfectly happy to do ten years ago, but we realise it was all just a bit cringey now! (& Yes, 10 years ago…was only 2009, not 1999….scary, no!?)

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1. We all took pictures with that one awful photobooth filter

Hey! I don’t think this is that embarrassing, I loved this filter if I’m honest. I thought it was very Andy Warhol. I felt very arty. & When you look at all the ridiculous Snapchat filters we have nowadays, it isn’t that bad, really.

2. When we used to yell “DON’T TAZE ME BRO!” in public

I certainly don’t remember this…nor do I remember actually doing it. Oh well, it sounds ridiculous and annoying, so I’m kind of glad of that fact.

3. We all wanted that one white Mac Book that got dirty after a week

I did actually really, really wanted one of these, alas, I never got one! I always had a desktop in those days. & I still have a Microsoft laptop now, I will enter the world of Mac one day! #somedayiwillfly

4. We all argued the toss about whether pirates or ninjas would win each other in a fight

Well, it seems a fairly legit argument, to be honest. I think I’m going go for the Ninjas, Pirates are brave and shrewd, yes, but Ninja’s have the technique… (I have a feeling I’m missing the point here, as always…)

5. When we’d post the most insane bull plop on Facebook

HAHA, indeed Chelsea.
Ahhh, I remember those days. Actually, I see my posts on Facebook memories from 2009 and I literally just want to decapitate myself for being so STUPID and whiny…Jesus, girl! ‘HAVING SOME TOAST, LOL’ was just not clever…or cool, it was dumb as.

6. We’d all take weird pictures of our feet or hands because we all had matching bracelets or shoes

I’ll admit this was a bit cringe and emo, but it isn’t that bad really, it’s kind of cute…and hey, we were young!

7. We all tried to show off our creativity with ‘fancy’ titles…

Ahhh, the good ol’ days of MySpace, god how I miss that place. No other social media platform has got anything on it! Fancy titles, spending hours picking a cool profile song and of course, the controversial yet thrilling, ’10 top friends!’ Many a friendship was ended due to that thing….ah, happy days!

8. We’d convince people the iPhone was worth the money by showing them that one app where it looks like you’re drinking a beer

I just laughed my drink down my nose at this, seriously! I’d forgotten all about those naff, early apps on the iPhone. Mind you, I still remember being mesmerized by them at the time, I thought they were amazing! Now look at all the apps we have, we literally have apps that make your dinner for you and turn off all the lights in your home. That’s some weird, space-age sh*t right there!

9. Also…the one where it looked like you had a lighter!

I remember using this at all the concerts I went to at the time, I thought it was awesome! But really, what was the point of it now, when you think back!?

10. When we’d harass everyone on Facebook with like 14 “LOST PHONE, NEED NUMBERS” groups:

Oh dear, what the actual flying f*ck was this all about!? Did anyone actually lose their numbers or what? Or was it just a trick to try and get your crushes number? Actually, maybe that was just me…


Who could forget the barmy facebook craze that was Farmville!? I never played it personally, but I remember my Facebook inbox being SWAMPED every day with about 40,000,000 requests! It drove me crazy! & Then there was that mad story of that young boy, who had basically bankrupted his parents by buying loads of Farmville stuff on their credit card. #crazydayz

12. When we thought that Chuck Norris jokes were the end all be all of comedy

Oh my, I remember this. My then boyfriend was obsessed with them and he did my skull in with it! Where did it even come from!? I’m so glad that this one disappeared. It got old very quickly.

13. We all insisted that Blackberry was way better than iPhone because of Brickbreaker and BBM

To be honest, I LOVED my Blackberry, it was purple and lightweight and preeeeety! I miss it a lot, but alas, Apple trampled all over their dreams eventually…as they often do.

14. When we’d watch full length movies that cost tens of millions of dollars on an iPod with a 2-inch screen:

Actually, I used to LOVE watching TV shows and movies on my little green, shiny iPod. I was amazed by it, quite frankly and it was SO cute. The quality was pretty damn good for such a small screen as well, so don’t knock it, guys!

15. When we changed our age to 99 years old on MySpace

Why we did this, I actually have no idea, but I remember trying it. I used to think that it was just for all the underage kids who shouldn’t be on there. But no, it seems it was just some kind of weird novelty, like most things on this list.

16. When we’d fake people out with our voicemail messages

& Do you remember those voicemails where you could pay for them from a premium number and it would be some dude trying to impersonate Eminem rapping your Voicemail message?! #PUREQUALITY

17. When we could actually text incognito with our phones in our pockets

That’s why Blackberry’s where the BEST! If you were a texting machine and you had to send a message in private, then you could do it whilst the phone was in your pocket and no one would be any the wiser! Imagine trying to do that with an iPhone these days!?

18. The lovely soul that was the portable DVD player

I remember getting one of these for Christmas in 2004 and I was SO, so happy! & It continued to keep me occupied and sane on many a rainy holiday and camping trip, thereafter! & It’s still going today, it’s just a little bit worse for wear! I’m guessing that with the development of streaming and iPhones, these poor souls are now obsolete. #muchsad

19. When we took selfies on a big as* digital camera!

I personally still think that this is the ONLY way to take a proper selfie, the quality was always better! & I LOVED my digital camera. So there…

20. & Said selfies always had to have this ONE pose

I had about 10,000 selfies of the same amazing quality and coolness on my digital camera, because I was totally the cool kid! #yeahright