20 Things That Look Truly Amazing When Viewed Through A Microscope

20 Things That Look Truly Amazing When Viewed Through A Microscope

1. A cat’s tongue

Cat’s tongues have always fascinated me with their sandpaper-like qualities. As it turns out, they’re even more amazing when viewed close-up. It looks like it’s made out of dozens of smaller tongues!

2. Beach sand

Although we think of sand as just… sand, it is actually the tiny remnants of tons of different rocks and minerals from the ocean. This becomes very apparent when viewing sand under the microscope – beautiful.

3. Grass

Grass is something else that we take for granted, but just LOOK at those happy faces in this blade of grass! They look like a happy little chlorophyll family.

4. A mosquito foot

Mosquitos are pretty creepy from any angle, but this still from a microscope of a mosquito’s foot looks like something from another planet – and not one that I’d want to visit!

5. Human eyelash

You know when an eyelash falls off and you get it stuck on your cheek? Well, this is what you’re carrying around on your face. Pretty amazing, right?

6. Tip of a ballpoint pen

Billions of these things get used around the world every day, but this angle makes this pen tip look like a planet of its own.

7. Chalk

As it turns out, chalk looks like weird little bundles of wool if you examine it at the microscopic level.

8. Eye of a fruit fly

These things are creepy enough if you see them buzzing around from a distance, but this close-up of their eyes is a whole new level of gross.

9. Muscle tissue

Yikes. Is it just me, or does this kinda look like a bunch of beef jerky gone bad?

10. A strawberry

This is definitely one of my favorites. I love strawberries, but now I almost feel bad for eating these cute little seeds.

11. A butterfly wing

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful things on earth – until you get too close, that is…

12. An LCD screen

Microscope Samples - LCD screen

Yep, this is what our TV looks like when you get real close up. Amazing to think that these things keep us entertained for hours on end!

13. The head of an ant

I apologize if this gives you nightmares, folks. It looks like the mover poster for a new horror film, doesn’t it?

14. Phytoplankton

Phytoplankton is the name for the group of tiny organisms that float around abundantly in the ocean, and basically just wait to get eaten by bigger things. They look really cool under the microscope, though.

15. A cut rose stem

Obviously, roses are beautiful to the naked eye, but it’s really interesting to look at the more ‘mundane’ part of the flower under the microscope, and see it take on a new beauty.

16. Zebrafish larvae

Wow. These things look like they belong in one of the Star Wars movies. I won’t be sleeping tonight!

17. Vinyl record grooves

Record have given me years of joy throughout my life,but I never realized how amazing they looked this close up!

18. Needle and thread

If you think about it, a sewing thread is just a really tiny rope, which becomes very apparent when seeing it under the microscope.

19. A human head hair

I think this person needs a little detangling spray!

20. A human tooth

Tooth Magnified to the atomic level

Last but not least, I thought I’d leave you with a trippy one. There’s a whole world inside our gnashers!