20 Times Subtitles Failed So Hard They Won

20 Times Subtitles Failed So Hard They Won

20 Times Subtitles Failed So Hard They Won

Subtitles can be a God-send. Not only do they provide the hard-of-hearing a way of knowing what is being said on the screen, but they also are sometimes wildly, wildly inaccurate.

When this happens, it allows us to have a good old laugh at how wrong they really are. So, without further ado, here are some of the worst subtitling fails of all time…

20. The Only Way To Cry

We feel your pain Spock.

19. What’s The Forecast Looking Like Outside Today?

Best take a brolly out with us.

18. How Do You Subtitle The Noise Of A Spider?

Ah that’s how they do it!

17. Using The Subtitles To Low-Key Bully


16. We’re Not Quite Sure This Is Accurate

It doesn’t really fit what we’re seeing onscreen.

15. For When The Intensity Isn’t Intense Enough

More intensity.

14. Poor Firefighters…Just Hose Them Down

A blast of cold water should do it!

13. I Haven’t Seen This On My Chinese Calendar

It comes between Monkey and Rooster.

12. How To Accurately Describe A Song

The woman vocalises and the man speaks backwards.

11. Poor Fraser

That’s an interesting things to call your child.

10. When You Need A Word For How Good Nuts Feel

Such a lovely mouthfeel.

9. Done Like A Real Man

Even when angry, you need to fix your bow tie!

8. When The Subtitlers Get Lazy

Yeh we’re not even going to try to subtitle that!

7. When The Cannibalism Isn’t Explicit Enough

You need to loudly imply it.

6. There’s A Reason I Don’t Watch My Little Pony

And now I remember why!

5. Will Nobody Think Of The Hobbits?

Please leave the Hobbits alone.

4. It’s Close Enough

Anyone feel free to send a batch of beer over our way, it would be much appreciated.

3.  Pretty Sure That’s Not His Name Either…

Poor Adnan Januzaj.

2. Those Pigs Will Eat Anything

Including willies.

1. The Royals Really Have Had To Tighten Their Belts