21 Celebrities Blessing Us With Their Natural Beauty

21 Celebrities Blessing Us With Their Natural Beauty

21 Celebrities Blessing Us With Their Natural Beauty

When you have thousands of people seeing you in the spotlight, criticizing how you look, it must be hard to constantly have to have perfected makeup and catwalk-worthy outfits 24/7.

So we’re here to embrace these 21 celebrities who have bravely shown off their natural beauty – and anyone else who does, too!

1. Jennifer Lopez

At 47 years old, we think Jlo looks just as good now as she did back then!


2. Ariel Winter

Modern Family star looks too cute!

3. Sofia Vergara

Another absolute beauty from TV show Modern Family.

4. Gwyenth Paltrow

44 year old American actress, singer and food writer looks beautiful with no makeup on – just look at those cheekbones!

5. Katie Holmes

Wet hair don’t care.

6. Cameron Diaz

We’ll be giving that a read!

7. Cindy Crawford

Loving the natural curls, girl!

8. Laverne Cox

Hashtags say it all.

9. Tyra Banks

You tell ’em, Tyra! We think she looks gorgeous with or without dark circles.

10. Carrie Underwood

American singer-songwriter does look pretty adorbs, you have to admit.

11. Beyonce


But I think we all knew she’d look flawless either way.

12. Hilary Duff

We’re sure she’d look stunning even without the filters!

13. Alicia Keys

We love you, girl!

14. Drew Barrymore

Sharing her words of wisdom and her natural beauty.

15. Simone Biles

Gymnast Simone Biles looking adorable as usual!

16. Nicole Richie

The 35 year old looks super cozy and stunning!

17. Laura Prepon

That 70’s Show actress quite possibly looks even better at 37!

18. Gal Gadot

Of course she’s incredible – she’s Wonder Woman.

19. Zendaya

Killin’ it, girl!

20. Eva Longoria

The actress looking great as always!

21. Adele

Love it!!