21 Reasons Why Kids Today Wouldn't Even Recognise The Internet Of The 90's

21 Reasons Why Kids Today Wouldn’t Even Recognise The Internet Of The 90’s

21 Reasons Why Kids Today Wouldn’t Even Recognise The Internet Of The 90’s

Anyone younger than 16 won’t even believe you when you tell them this.

1. The computers we used to use to connect to the internet looked like this:

Image: imgur.com

2. The connection was made through a phone line – yes, a home phone

Image: Cookie_cutter | Getty Images

3. And you could only use the phone OR the internet. Never both. You had to choose.


4. The internet had to be installed with a CD like:

5. Every time we connected, we were greeted by the glorious screeching sounds of dial-up

What was your favourite part?

6. The browsers we used to surf the world wide web looked like this:

7. Search engines were really something else:

Image: Yahoo!

8. And you were probably using that search engine to discover websites such as this beauty:

9. You could even make your own webpage, which probably looked a little something like this:

Image: imgur.com

Or this:

Image: imgur.com

Or even this:

Image: imgur.com

10. And everyone used these specific GIFS to make sure their webpage visitors knew that it was still a work in progress:

11. You couldn’t forget to type “www.” before your chosen URL, as that was the only way it would actually work

Image: Srdjan111 / Getty Images | @blonde_kars | Twitter


12. Other potential issues included the page not even loading properly, which resulted in images like this:

The most frustrating thing of our time.

13. The only way to use the internet to get directions was to find them on MapQuest, print them out, and stick them somewhere in the car:

Image: reddit.com

If you took a wrong turn, you were in trouble.

14. We used ICQ to chat with friends online and committed the number username to memory

Image: imgur.com

15. And by the time AIM rolled around, we were ready to have the weirdest (read: coolest) AIM screen names – and somehow we still always knew who was who

Image: Zimbio

16. Then everyone moved on to the obviously superior MSN Messenger, which looked like this:

Image: imgur.com

This was back when emojis were still called emoticons:

Image: rebrn.com

17. 3v3ry0n3 l34rn3d h0w 70 7yp3 l1k3 7h15*

*”Everyone learned how to type like this”

18. Music was downloaded on LimeWire and you just had to pray that it didn’t turn out to actually be a virus

Image: imgur.com

19. But even if it wasn’t a virus, the download times were a wild ride:

Image: imgur.com

20. Once you’d waited 39 years for your music, you played it on a program like this one:

Image: imgur.com

21. And the thing that never failed to brighten our days was hearing the “You’ve Got Mail!” sound

Image: Warner Bros.

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