21 Snaps Of Hospital Meals Taken From Around The World

21 Snaps Of Hospital Meals Taken From Around The World

21 Snaps Of Hospital Meals Taken From Around The World

When you think hospital food, a whole lot of rubbish and slimy mush probably springs to mind.

For years, people have questioned how on Earth people are expected to get better when all they have to look forward to are unidentifiable grey blobs for dinner (see Scotland’s — erm, shall we say delicacy, on this list).

According to The Guardian, over 80,000 hospital meals go uneaten every day, with two thirds of hospital staff confessing that they wouldn’t eat the stuff they give to the patients. And with all this in mind, who can really blame them?

But is it really so bad? What about the hospital foods served in other countries?


If you’ve ever wondered what a plate of nosh would look like in other places, then we’re about to find out.

Surprisingly enough, a lot of it actually looks edible – we’d even go as far as to say some of this stuff looks pretty darn good.

On the other hand, we’re having some trouble figuring out what some of these foods even are… So here is an insight into the good, the bad, and the ugly of hospital food.

Some of these are guaranteed to shock you.

Grub’s up, everyone!


Honestly better than we can cook at home.


Looks acceptable as a selection of comfort foods – other than the plain lettuce, what’s that about?

Malvern, Australia

Paris, France

Almost unimaginably fancy for hospital food. Served with a baguette, of course.


Jakarta, Indonesia



So… Where’s the rest of it, doc? We’re more likely to die of starvation. What’s your damage, Poland?


Richmond, Canada



This one made us laugh, just because it looks so stereotypically British. Like, a cheap British TV dinner definitely springs to mind. Pie and mash with a sad dribble of gravy, anyone?



This is just making us crave take away.

New York

Johannesburg, South Africa

The tiniest fry up there ever was.

Sydney, Australia

Throwback to school dinners where they used to scoop out mash with an ice cream scoop.

Massachusettes, USA

Is it just us who can’t identify that thing at the front?


Seriously, what even is that supposed to be?! We probably don’t even want to know…



At least the minimal white space of all this just screams “I’m in hospital”.




If any of these left a particularly bad taste in your mouth, leave us a COMMENT! Let us know which of these you’d most like to eat, too!