21 Ways Not To Sell A Mirror

21 Ways Not To Sell A Mirror

21 Ways Not To Sell A Mirror

Selling items online is pretty straight forward right? You take a picture of what you’re selling, say how much you want (or put it up for auction) and then bang it on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon or any one of the hundreds of online marketplaces now available to make money from your unwanted items. Well, there are some items that are harder to sell than others, and mirrors appear to be one of them.

A recent post on reddit has proven how complicated it can be taking a picture of this common household item. The struggle is real whilst trying to capture the best angle, because mirrors reflect, and sometimes you need to think about what they’re reflecting…

So, feast your eyes on these 21 pictures of the best mirror-selling fails out there.


I call this one ‘the ghost in the mirror pic.’ This lady has obviously thought that putting a white towel over her and standing near a white door would somehow disguise her in the picture. It may work in Scooby-Doo, but you’re not fooling us!


This is the ‘iPad fail.’ I also not how the iPad appears to be upside down rather than the right way up. At least the decor around the mirror’s edge is pretty.


The ‘hide on the stairs’ approach. Maybe the person taking this photo thought that if they only showed their hand, no one would notice them. Again, you’re not fooling us.


The ‘hide behind the door’ approach this time. Similar to the person in the last picture, this person believes that hiding behind something will somehow mean no one will notice their arm sticking around the door. Not so.


This piece is called the ‘blatantly obvious approach.’ This guy isn’t trying to hide the fact that he’s in the picture. In fact, if anything, he’s wanting to be noticed. I personally don’t blame him. I hope the mirror fetched a nice price. (But also, is that astro turf in the living room? Whuut?)


This one is very interesting. It’s the ‘front camera, iPad (or is it a laptop?) taking’ way of doing things. It seems like an uncomfortable angle and one that I wouldn’t recommend.


Now there’s all sorts of things wrong with this one. I call it the ‘neck-brace in a wing mirror,’ which also sounds like the title of a potential John Green novel. My first thought is that are the wing mirrors not being on the vehicle and the neck-brace related? Did both occur in the same accident? I guess we’ll never know…


Huh? What? How is this possible? Unlike the lady in the first picture wearing a towel, this person must be wearing a freaking invisibility cloak because where are there? I don’t know where this phone is. I don’t know what it’s attached to but I love the zebra print towel. My mind hurts.


‘Clutterbug,’ simple and obvious. This person must be selling a whole bunch of stuff, because that’s a lot of boxes being reflected! Maybe they want sell it as a big package deal and thought this was a good way of getting everything into one photo? If that’s the case, then I applaud you.


Not trying to hide, just out there are proud of being part of the photo. This guy must have previously sold his top, and is now getting rid of his mirror. Coming up tomorrow on eBay…a pair of blue jeans. Let’s hope not.


This mirror seems to be in its original packaging. Is that a price label on the bottom left there? Oh, and hey to the guy practically doing the splits. I’ll call this ‘banana split.’


Which mirror is being sold? The big one on the wall or the…oh hello person just sitting down and minding their own business. I don’t think this is the taker of the photo, but nevertheless, with two mirrors, they feature twice. Behold the ‘double trouble.’


Ooo lovely art piece on the shelf there! Is this for sale, or is it the mirror?


The ‘arial shot.’ A simple angle, taken from above, featuring arm, hand and camera.


‘The Woman in Black.’ She may have been a scary old ghost, but this person doesn’t scare me! I can’t work out what it is exactly that they’re wearing, but it seems to be all one shade of black.


Is this one being sold from the retirement home? The decor certainly looks like it is.


Another front camera laptop attempt! This one doesn’t look as uncomfortable as number 6, but still not the best approach.


Size? About the same size as a small child. But why the shoes at the bottom? She’s not even wearing them.


This is a lovely mirror, perfect for any grape lover.


IS THAT A FOOT? Is this person taking a photo with their FOOT? Yes..yes they are. I don’t know weather to be impressed or disgusted. I’ll go for a combination of both.


Now who wouldn’t want to buy this mirror after seeing this little dude in it? Look at his reflection…he looks so good, he’s just living his best life. And as such, I will call this final picture ‘living your best life.’ And that is what I recommend you do.