22 Pictures Of Storms That Nature Doesn't Want You To See

22 Pictures Of Storms That Nature Doesn’t Want You To See

22 Pictures Of Storms That Nature Doesn’t Want You To See

22. This Waterspout

What do you get when you cross a tornado with water? You get a waterspout of course. Nature didn’t want you to see this terrifying snake-like monster taken off the Balearic Islands. Look at it twist and contort near the top. Terrifying.

21. This Tornado


Nature wants to keep this side of itself a secret. It’s an angry state, but so beautiful at the same time! Luckily, someone was there to pap it anyway, so nature doesn’t have a choice.

20. These Clouds

Look at the colours that these clouds are causing! The beautiful feint yellow to the left with the dark clouds looking like they’re stacked on top of each other like pancakes.

They look good enough to eat.

19. This Wave

Look how the clouds curve upwards like a wave, ready to crest and crash and tumble onto the beach. Only the bravest surfers would be able to take this on.

18. This Dust Monster

Whoever lives here is about to get a face full of sand. Nature doesn’t want you to see this because people in general don’t like having sand blown in their faces.

17. This Wall It Has Built

If Donald Trump is going to build his wall, he should get nature to do it! Here, nature has formed a perfect wall using clouds alone. We’d like to see someone get over that!

Also look at the lovely deep blue above! Stunning.

16. This Looming Storm Front

Look at how wonderfully ominous this looks, sweeping over the sea and towards the poor, unsuspecting sunbathers.

Actually…we think that they might suspect. It’s hard to miss this beast.

15. This Attack On Chicago

Look at this horrible, unprovoked attack on Chicago. What has the city done to deserve this stunning barrage of lightning strikes?

Shame on you nature! We’re not letting this one go easily.

14. This Funnel Of Wind

Ooosh imagine being sucked up into this! We don’t think you’d end up in Oz…more likely just several hundred metres away in a messy pile in the field.

Shame on you nature for being so dangerous!

13. This Towering Inferno Of Lightning

Look at this towering stack of clouds, riddled with lightning. We’re only sad that we weren’t there to witness this spectacle with our own eyes.

12. And Another

If you thought that one was impressive, look at this one! It looks even better over the sea! It’s a wonder pyramid of cloud, charged with electricity.

Nature tried to keep this away from you by having it far out at sea, but it failed!

11. Another Dust Cloud? Enough Already

More sand? We’re only recovering from the last lot that you dumped on us. Please stop now.

10. I’m Going To Disrupt Your Holiday

Nature has no chill when it comes to ruining your holiday. It doesn’t care if you’re having a nice time on the beach or not, it will just roll in and spoil your lovely sun-fun.

But when it looks so good, who cares? I don’t.

9. This Super Cyclone

Have you seen anything more ominous looking in your life? No? We didn’t think so either. This storm looks like it could destroy everything in its path. The oranges, the blues, the greens! We’re not scared of you.

8. Aren’t Clouds Supposed To Be In The Sky?

Nature is very confused here. Clouds are meant to be in the sky, but these are sweeping over land with absolutely no chill whatsoever. It’s coming for you, and there’s no stopping it!

7. Fire! I’ll Take You To Burn

It’s as though the devil himself has conjured up this fiery beast. Look how grey and black it is. Are these the plumes of smoke from Mordor? We think so.

6. It’s Terrifying, Electrifying!

I mean, would you look at that! Where would you go? What would you do? You’d be dancing around the place avoiding being electrocuted to death.

Nature, you really are savage and you didn’t want us to see this but we’re seeing it anyway!

5. What On Earth?

What are these? I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Is it the end of the world? Are the clouds going to drip like massive water droplets? I can’t cope.

4. You Mean This Has Happened More Than Once…

So beautiful. So enchanting. So bubbly and friendly looking. Cute with added lightning.

3. Tornado

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

2. Lightning

Sorry but how thick is that bolt of lightning? That’s not normal? Is this how the Grand Canyon was formed? Just pummelled with lighting? I think we’re staying inside from now on.

1. Hell On Earth

This is all sorts of no. Lighting, ash clouds, volcano, fire. We’re done. Nature, you are one scary mother and we’re not surprised you didn’t want us to see these.

I’m staying inside.