22 Tattoos That Will Ruin Your Childhood

22 Tattoos That Will Ruin Your Childhood

22 Tattoos That Will Ruin Your Childhood

We’ve all heard of some of the creepy ‘hidden meaning’ theories behind our favourite childhood TV Shows, or watched them back as an adult and noticed all of the inappropriate undertones.

But these tattoos will change your how you see all of your childhood memories… So enjoy!

1. So that’s why he’s got the extra bounce in his step…

We just hope these aren’t on the same person… One is more than enough.

2. The reality that we all wanted to deny.


It makes sense, but it doesn’t mean that we have to believe it.

3. Now that’s one rabbit hole you don’t want to fall down…

It concerns me that they look so shocked.

4. A simple request, really.

But why do you have to ruin the smurfs for it?!

5. Wrong on so many levels.

If I feel betrayed I can’t even imagine how Mickey feels…

6. We’re starting to notice a theme here.

7. Limited Edition: The Don’t Care-Bear

8. The Mickey Mounts Clubhouse?

Now I don’t want to say that I’m relieved or remotely glad to see this, but it feels better it being the two of them… No offence Goofy.

9. When Tom finally catches Jerry.

We’re glad they didn’t show this ending…

10. You’re a monster, Charlie Brown

While admittedly pretty cool, it’s also going to give me nightmares.

11. Grizzly bear…

I have no words for this one… Pooh was my favourite.


12. A warm welcome?

We don’t want to question the meaning or reason for this one.

13. Behind the scenes of The Muppets

You never know, this could’ve been the inspiration behind the characters.

14. What happened to him?

My vote is zombie apocalypse or Frankenstein has reincarnated into Woodstock.

15. I think this might be girl power taken a little too far.

What really happened behind closed doors, I bet.

16. He always seemed so cheerful…

We don’t really see the humour in this one.

17. Genius.

Like a lawn, good art must be maintained.

18. Charming!

He seems proud of it, so he may as well flaunt it!

19. I don’t even know how to sum this one up.

What even… At least it’s not in a very noticeable spot…

20. Ruh oh!

He doesn’t seem too worried about it, though.

21. Terrifying.

22. Tweety Balls

I don’t know what he thought he saw, but I’ll never forget what I’ve seen today…