22 Things That Sum Up Uni Life In The Early 00s

22 Things That Sum Up Uni Life In The Early 00s

22 Things That Sum Up Uni Life In The Early 00s

1. Boxes and boxes full of CD’s.

Because back then, CD’s were still a thing…

2. Or, if you were a rebel, you’d use Limewire to illegally download your music.

Nowadays it’s more ‘youtube to mp3’.

3. The chunkiest, heaviest laptops, probably filled with viruses from your illegal activity…

To the point where they’d just shut down completely – but at least you had an excuse on why you didn’t do your work!

4. Streaming TV shows and having to deal with the painfully slow internet speeds.

Pixels – pixels everywhere.

5. Actually having to own a TV – and it looked like this.

Back before you could just watch any shows you wanted on your laptop.

6. The first generation iPod.

When we all said goodbye to our first student loan…

7. Flip phones!

Admit it – we still think they’re pretty cool.

8. Facebook had only just started up.

You even needed a .ac.uk email to join – but still, MySpace was the place to be.

9. Writing your statuses in third person.

And there were a lot of status updates. A lot.

10. Taking your digital camera on every night out.

And waking up to find the dreaded Facebook notification of the amount of pictures you’d been tagged in…

11. Disposable cameras were still pretty popular, too.

The excitement when your envelope came with all your pictures in that you’d see for the first time.

There was no re-taking to get the right angle – once you’d taken the picture, that was it!

12. And even more boxes of DVD’s.

You just couldn’t turn down the offers.

13. Being able to download power points from lectures you were too hung over to go to.

Life saver.

14. Your Scream yellow card.

£1 pints made this your most prized possession.

15. All males looked like one of the Klaxons.

So much hair.

16. Nights out consisted of a lot of neon paint.

17. The 2007 nu-rave NME Awards Tour.

18. All the uni clubs were complete with light up dance floor.

And huge chandeliers!

19. MSN Messenger.

Nudging people too much could really tear friendships apart…

20. When banks offered you a five year rail card.

That’s probably the only reason you’re with the bank you’re with now.

21. The new smoking ban.

At least you no longer had to wash your hair and clothes about 3 times after every night out to get the smell of smoke out.

22. The set-up:

Those were the good old days, ey?