24 Hilarious Google Maps Glitches You Have To See

24 Hilarious Google Maps Glitches You Have To See

24 Hilarious Google Maps Glitches You Have To See

Google Maps is always a fun adventure, whether it’s to aimlessly wander the streets without actually having to leave the comfort of your own home, or whether it’s actually useful to see what your friends house looks like to save that mph crawl down their street trying to find and count house numbers. You all know what I mean.

And as you’re on your daily (internet) stroll, or should we say, scroll (get it?), it’s always funny when you see someone captured on the photo in the window of their house, or walking the street, to be seen by everyone worldwide in that outfit they just threw on to pop to the shops – aka our worst nightmare.

The images we see of different streets and landscapes on Google Maps are all a product of what we call Photo Spheres, which are 360 images that users upload and are stitched together to make it all flow into one virtual world of photographs.

However sometimes, like when you’re taking a panorama on your phone, something moves slightly… And the end result is disastrous! It all glitches together or cuts off half of your face and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The same thing happened in these 24 photos, and let me tell you, they’re both incredibly funny and somewhat disturbing at the same time as you’re left trying to figure out first what the intended picture was supposed to be, and secondly how it all went wrong!

It turns out that we owe some credit to graphic artist Kyle Matthews, who found a lot of these glitched out images while roaming the beaches in France (virtually of course), and he posts not only these hilarious fails to his Tumblr, but some other pretty cool stuff too – you should check it out.







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