24 Pictures That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

24 Pictures That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

It seems the current world is one filled with fear and dread, it’s hard sometimes to forget just how wonderful the world around us can be. Sometimes we need a bit of respite from the sometimes day to day gloom, and be offered a small reminder of just how great life really is.

Here is that reminder.

1)Anthony Borges – Lifesaver.

Anthony Borges is a 15 year old boy who was caught up in the recent shooting at a school in Florida. Borges used his body to force a classroom door shut during the shooting, and his actions protected twenty other students. He did however take some gunfire, as he was shot five times by the gunman. A truly incredible example of self sacrifice, and we wish him an incredibly speedy recovery.

2) Man Treks Hours To Provide Water For Animals

This man every day makes a commute to his nearest fresh water supply, which is reported to be hours away, just so wild animals in his area have access to a fresh water supply.

3) Retired Dublin Resident Makes Meal For Homeless Every Evening

Brian, who is based in Dublin, funds the food himself on his own pension. He makes approximately 50 tubs of curry, of which he distributes to those who are in need and without a home. He does this ever single night. What a human being.

4) Firefighters in Arizona Putting Out A Mexican Fire

Despite current President of The United States Donald Trump seemingly dividing the nation, this image shows us human beings still have our backs. Build your wall if you wish.

5) One Stranger Helping Another With A Tie

It’s a pretty nice statement that there’s a mixture of races, and ages here. They can try as hard as they like to divide us, but ultimately, you can’t beat human compassion with anything.

6) Reaching 100 Years Of Age In Barbados Gets You A Stamp

Yep, that’s right. What a way to honour a superb life span than for your face to be distributed up and down the country.

7) Josh Johnson Tribute To Teacher

Johnson shared the tale that his teacher commented how he would undoubtedly see him on the Tonight Show one day, after seeing him perform stand up comedy at his schools talent show. His teacher was indeed right, so Johnson flew him out to the show.

8) Students Without Dads Greeted with Overwhelming Response

A School started a “Breakfast With Dads” event, however it transpired that many of the dads couldn’t make it, or simply weren’t around for their children. As a result, the school put up a Facebook post requesting 50 volunteer fathers, and and astonishing 600 fathers from all backgrounds showed up. Here’s to you, dads.

9) Husband Makes Heartwarming Gesture.

Every morning this father arranges bird food in his yard below his bedroom window, so his wife can wake up to this site. Oh you guyyyyyyyyyyys.

10) A Nurse’s Pleasant Surprise As Her Patient Recovers From Paralysis

You can see the shock in her face as she approaches a patient who she was under the assumption was paralysed from the waist down.

11) Bride Encounters Deceased Fathers Heart

This will have been an incredibly emotional moment for this bride. Her father passed away and donated his heart to save another life. The man who received his heart then walked her down the isle. Proof that the heart really does go on.

12) Old Reader Given Own Bench

This little old lady is seen often in this supermarket reading books. Usually no doubt you’d be asked to move on, however not in this store. The manager opted instead to install a makeshift bench to make her that little bit more comfortable during her trips.

13) Bin Men Taking A Break

Something so simple, but so effective. Just a couple of regular bin men taking a break in the local park.

14) Step Mum Makes Vows To New Step-Son

It’s usually the bride and groom that share vows at a wedding ceremony, however not at this wedding. Here a step-mother gave vows to her step-son, including “Life gave me the gift of you”.

15) The Moment A Child Finds Out Her Adoption Has Gone Through

It’s clear this child is overjoyed with the news and rushes into an embrace. Really touching.

16) Man Phoning Home

This man simply looks happy, something that’s sadly overlooked these days. It transpired he was on the phone to his wife at home, and was found stood clutching his phone with a huge smile on his face.

17) People Trying To Prevent Man From Suicide

Quite a powerful image. Here we can see people clinging to a young man looking to end his life presumably. Even tying him up in places.

18) They Thought It Was A Noise Complaint

This pianist obviously impressed as he was gaining requests as opposed to complaints.

19) This Man Attempted To Heal Injured Sparow

This man was seen in a cafe researching local vets, after finding this injured sparrow. What a heart.

20) Drug Addict Returns Stolen Money Years Later

A drug addict stole a purse from an unsuspecting woman, and years later returned the money with a note. That there can be light, even in the darkest of situations.

21) Black Woman Inspiring Kids

This lady went around a rough, notoriously black neighbourhood dressed in a tutu, to change young people’s perceptions of black woman in the area.

22) Babysitter Is Wholesome

This  little story about seeing the best in people is certainly heartwarming.

23) Student’s Surprise School Janitor

Apparently this janitor is a huge Red Hot Chilli Peppers fan. He couldn’t afford tickets, so the students clubbed together to purchase him some. Generosity.

24) Paramedics Help Heart Attack Victim In More Than One Way

A man was shovelling his drive when he suddenly suffered a heart attack. The ambulance took him to the hospital before returning to shovel the mans drive.