25 Ideas That Are Just Genius

25 Ideas That Are Just Genius

There are some people on this earth who are more suited to rocket science, or matters of physics that are too complex for our mere minds to comprehend.

There are some out there however who are constantly looking for ways to improve our day to day lives.

We’ve put together a list of some brilliant inventions and ideas you didn’t know you needed, and they’re fairly genius.


Us Brits have been responsible for many great inventions over the years and we’re still commonly acknowledged to be amongst the best in the world when it comes to inventing.

According to Japanese research, more than 40 per cent of discoveries taken up on a worldwide basis originated in the United Kingdom.

Many of these inventions have had a great impact on the world.


Imagine how different life would be today if Michael Faraday had not built the first simple electrical generator or if Watt had not developed the steam engine?

We’re not quite sure that these genius invention are entirely world-changing, but the sure are very clever and interesting.

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most creative inventor’s creations shall we?…


1) Wash your hands whilst reusing the water for your next flush

In a climate where we’re desperately seeking ways to save the planet and it’s resources, it’s rather fitting that this beauty is top of the list.

For those who dodge the task of washing hands, we all know you’re out there, it’s hard to avoid with the makeshift sink being right in front of  you.

The fact the water is somewhat recycled is a huge plus.

2) Fresh Coffee Exchanging For Your Rubbish

Another brilliant idea with the planet in mind. Fancy a coffee?

Well contribute to the clean up of our beaches and be rewarded with one free of charge.

Our beaches seem to be subject to an incredible amount of tipping these days, so you could really be making a difference.


3) Traffic Lights In Ukraine

“I didn’t see it was a red!? – an age old idea when a traffic violations are the subject of an argument. This idea in Eastern Europe though seemingly eradicates this claim, as the actual traffic light itself seems to make it clearer to see.

4) Water Fountain That Allows Dogs To Drink 

On those boiling hot days, incredibly high temperatures, the first thing on our mind is hydration. Usually some high sugared soft drink, but it’s not so easy for our favourite canine friends. Due to their lack of ability to speak actual words, it’s hard sometimes to know when they require a bit of hydration. This design then is perfect for that exact need. Your favourite pet needn’t worry about the language barrier, and just trot over to indulge in a quick swig.


5) Hit This Sign And You’re Screwed

This sign may just seem like a bit of a joke, but its purpose it’s actually practically sound advice. It’s better than ploughing your truck into the roof of a bridge.

6) Desk Building Made Easier

We’ve all been there, surrounded by a pile of instructions and frustration as you try to build a piece of furniture. So God bless the human being who decided to apply some logic to a rather stressful activity.


7) Find A Mountain In Switzerland

Switzerland is the home of some truly stunning mountains, and tourists flock to bask in their glory. This invention will allow you to locate a mountain of your choice.

8) Toothpaste That Breaks Down Its Ingredients

If you’ve ever tried to look through a list of ingredients on some form of dental product, it’ll probably blow your mind. Chemicals that you have no idea what their purpose is, and probably that you can’t even pronounce. So this particular toothpaste is a breath of fresh air.


9) Access On Beaches For Wheelchars and Prams

The sand isn’t the best natural resource in the world to drag a pram across, so this design allows those who would normally struggle, the chance to enjoy the seaside.

10) An Elevator With Doors That Open When You’re Ready

Pressing the button for the lift is usually followed by the longest wait in human history, as you wait for the doors to open. This little life hack fixes that however. The button for the lift is situated around 30ft away from the lift, meaning that from the time you push it, the doors will open by the time you get to the elevator.


11) Pill Taking Timer 

We all know the struggle when on medication, as you try to recall the last time you took it in line with your doctor’s recommendations. This invention lets you know exactly when the last time you took your pills, so you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re taking them accordingly.

12) Curtains That Actually Shut Out All Of The Light 

Curtains are designed to keep the light out as we intend to get our much needed beauty sleep. This sometimes isn’t always the case though, as there’s always the odd ray or two that end up creeping into the room. This design though eradicates this potential threat, as it prevents such strays from disturbing your sleep. Knight the creator.


13) Longer Crossing Time For Those Who Need It

There’s sometimes a panic when we cross the road. The very quick beeps throw us into a fit of hysteria as we scramble across the road, constantly checking if the light has changed which will leave us stranded in the middle of the road, and facing a premature death. This idea though removes that stress for those who need it. Whether it be you’re disabled, a bit older and can’t walk as fast, simply request a longer crossing time.

14) An Elevator That Has Buttons That You Can Kick

I literally can’t fathom out a pro for this idea. Other than it looks fun, and something that belongs in the film “Big”.


15) Roofs Of UPS Vans Translucent 

Another energy saving venture. As opposed to having to put a light on when rummaging in the back of their vans, UPS has replaced their roofs with a translucent material that allows natural light to make its way into the van. Top idea.

16) A Fence Inclusive Of Seating 

Some fantastic architecture design here, and probably saved a few bob on benches with the local council too. This modern abstract fence moulds into seating. Ingenious.


17) Open The Toilet Door With Your Feet 

Referring to an earlier point, there’s actually breed of human being that opt not to wash hands following a visit to the toilet. Not so bad in the bathroom of your own residence, but in public, this can be a risky endeavour. With this invention, you needn’t worry about the lurgy on the door handle.

18) Children’s Playground For Bikes

It may just look like some mad theme park for bicycles, but this is however an educational coup. It prepares children for life on the roads of Copenhagen as a cyclist. It comes set with traffic lights, and even a roundabout.


19) Bikes With Airless Tires

There’s nothing more annoying than venturing into the country on your bicycle, only to be the victim of the old nightmare, the punctured tyre. This ingenious whim rules out that particular dilemma.

20) Trolley With A Built In Calculator

Meandering around the supermarkets is a stressful task for anyone. Especially when you’re wandering around without a clue how much you’re actually spending. This calculator built into the trolley allows you to keep a track. Great stuff.


21) Parking Bay Lines Up The Wall 

This one for the drivers that are reading. This potentially could be an idea that could take the world by storm. The lines carry up on the wall to help guide people as they park.

22) Swing Designed To Bring Parents and Kids Together

The logistics of a playground means it’s sometimes difficult for parents to swing with their children. It’s usually the adult that’s left to push their child. Not anymore though, this design means you can enjoy swinging as a family.


23) USB Drive Showing How Much Memory Being Used

This could potentially save the lives of techies around the globe. This USB stick displays exactly how much memory your device has, so you can keep a track of how much you’ve spare. Probably the most revolutionary of the list.

24) Spatula Stand That Doesn’t Touch Dirty Worktops

This little gem solves the dilemma of touching dirty work surfaces with your kitchen utensils. Simply place your designated piece of kitchenware on the stand, and keep the contamination at bay.


25) Free Bus Ride With Your Whiskey 

Drink driving is an offence that is committed more and more  in the modern day. One company in Canada though is attempting to keep people safe, by providing tokens for free bus rides when purchasing a bottle of whiskey.