25 Office Hacks You Will Want To Know Copy

25 Office Hacks You Will Want To Know Copy

25 Office Hacks You Will Want To Know  Copy

If you are the type of person that is always looking for better ways to boost your productivity while staying organized then this will really help you out.

Thankfully there are some really useful office hacks that can turn your ordinary day into extraordinary. Check out these 25 office hacks:

1. Use a can opener to open office supplies that are wrapped in far too much plastic.

2. Get some binder clips to help you organize your various cords.

3. Use twist ties, hair clips, and any other type of clasp to organize your earbuds and other cords.

4. Use a bread tab to hold your spot on the tape roll.

5. Get an old cassette case to hold up your iPhone for a cheap hands-free experience.

6. Tighten your security by using special characters for your passwords.

7. Use velcro strips to keep this in place.

8. Use colored tape or nail polish to keep all those cords organized.

9. Build a cheap speaker for your iPhone so when you stay late you can have some tunes to listen to. Go here to see how.

10. Kill that sweet tooth craving by baking a small piece of goodness in a coffee mug in the microwave.

11. Use a flat iron for you collar or hem. Smooth out hard-to-unwrinkle areas with the straightening iron, and dowse the rest of your shirt with wrinkle release spray.

12. Clean out your keyboard with a piece of clear tape.

13. Make sure you stay hydrated by labeling your water bottle for when you need to drink some water.

14. Download Stay Focused, to help you stay on task without drifting to other sites while working.

15. Instead of sitting down all day try a stand-up desk or an exercise ball instead of a chair.

16. Make a DIY charging station to keep things tidy at the desk.

17. Use old CDs to stop wobbly furniture from moving by placing them underneath the short end.

18. Make a  coffee timekeeper to ensure you know when the last pot of coffee was made.

19. You can create a chalkboard or a whiteboard with a special paint.

20. Use a clear hanging shoe organizer for office supplies.

21. Use these helpful apps to never forget a password ever again.

22. Use the FitBolt app to help you stay focused.

23. Wrap your computer screen with plastic wrap to avoid and smudges on the screen.

24. Use old cereal boxes to keep your desk drawers organized.

25. Download Rescue Time to help you keep track of your habits while working.