26 Design Fails that are Downright Ridiculous

26 Designers Who Really Need To Go Back to School

26 Designers Who Really Need To Go Back to School

Who doesn’t make mistakes? We are all human, right? Sure, we all make them. But not all mistakes are created equal. Or, better said, all consequences are not equal. Misspelling a word, for example, is not as likely to have the same ramifications as say, a poorly poured foundation for a skyscraper. Well, the designers of the following scenarios should either lose their jobs or get a promotion for the most epic pranks known to man. However, the poor souls who have to live with these design fails are probably less than pleased. Perhaps they deserve compensation for having to endure this level of idiocy.

1) We’ll pretend the tree just grew through the roof.


Image Source: viralnova

It’s the age old question, what came first…the house or the tree? We’re betting that it was the tree. Whoever built this house must’ve liked the three, but didn’t want to budge the house away from it. Instead, they’ve come up with ingenious way of incorporating the tree into the building itself. Magical.

2) Not sure this building is up to the fire code…


Image Source: viralnova

Why compromise health and safety by missing a chunk of handrail? Someone could need it to support themselves up the front steps. They’d soon be suing if they fell and had no rail to hold onto. Fires on the other hand…well. That’s clearly not the priority here.

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