30 Things Women Won't Admit That They Do In Private

30 Things Women Won’t Admit That They Do In Private

30 Things Women Won’t Admit That They Do In Private

    It’s true, when we are alone, we do some crazy stuff! In fact, it’s so embarrassing that we would never publicly admit to doing such things. Even so, we tend to allow ourselves to be free from social convention during those moments when we are far away from condemnation. A place that we call home. So, here are the things that we are doing when everyone else is far away from us. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    1. We rarely wash our bras.

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    We reckon there can’t be many people who genuinely enjoy the feeling of wearing a bra all day, so that thing is a goner as soon as we step through our front door right? 

    Yet, when it comes to choosing one to put back on, why not just use the same one? It’s not dirty and it’s by far the comfiest. Problem is, it’s been 6 days now…

    2. We don’t change our tampons often enough.

    Hey, they’re expensive… Like really expensive! If our parents knew we were being frugal with our money no matter what our age, I’m sure they’d be proud. Best to leave the details as to how out of the conversation though. Y’know, for their own protection…

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    It’s not that gross at the end of the day, I mean men where smelly underwear for days on end…

    3. We resort to using toilet paper instead of a tampon or a pad.

    A little money-saving tip! Ok, it’s not the nicest thing to think about but we’ve definitely all done it at some point. It does the job – to an extent – but costs a fraction of the price. As if being a woman isn’t a pain in the ar*e enough sometimes, we could really do without forking out dollar after dollar on stuff like this!