30 Times Kate Middleton Was A "Normal Mom" Like The Rest Of Us

30 Times Kate Middleton Was A “Normal Mom” Like The Rest Of Us

30 Times Kate Middleton Was A “Normal Mom” Like The Rest Of Us

    Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the royals have similar struggles as us peasants do.

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    I mean, my wedding day was nice and all but I sure wouldn’t have minded the addition of a castle, a prince and that freakin’ BEAUTIFUL wedding dress. However, Kate Middleton makes the whole thing look super natural and (weirdly!) super normal.

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    Seriously, what is not to love about this woman? Devoted Duchess, wonderful wife, freakin’ fabulous and philanthropist and to top it all off? A magical mother.

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    The woman just gave birth but looks like this? Pure witchcraft.

    But she’s not always the flawless royal we know and love (just kidding, she absolutely always will be perfect in our eyes) but sometimes she is just like a regular Mom! Here are some of our favorite Mamma Kate Moments…

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    1. Safety-first for Georgey!

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    All new Mom’s can relate! You’ll do anything to keep your baby safe! You’d wrap ’em up in bubble wrap if you had to! (We do not endorse wrapping a child in bubble wrap…) Kate has opted to keep Prince George safe as can be in a rear-facing car seat.

    2. Clothing sacrifices

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    “Clothing sacrifices?!” you cry! “What clothing sacrifices?!”

    Sure, the Duchess has the most enviable wardrobe around but you’ve got to hand it to her! She’s fearless letting her little ones cling and clamber all over her (doubtless VERY expensive) garments. She’s clearly not phased about George gripping onto those buttons, this little goober’s comfort comes before her own. N’awwww.