40 Movie Bloopers That Somehow Made The Cut

40 Movie Bloopers That Somehow Made The Cut


1. Spiderman

Suddenly having spidey-skills can be hard, and while Spiderman is getting to grips with his new powers, he knocks over a lamp in his bedroom. Uh oh. However when his aunt walks in the room just a few minuets later, it’s back on the shelf in one piece – we didn’t know he could do that!


2. Pretty Woman

In one scene, Julia Roberts’ character is enjoying a croissant for breakfast… But moments later, the croissant has transformed into a pancake! This is either a continuity error, or she happened to have one in each hand, in which case – we’ve never related to anything more!

3. Gladiator

Russell Crowe was called “The Spaniard”, but the word “Spaniard” wasn’t actually ‘invented’ until about the 14th century, deriving from an old French term – Gladiator was set in the year 180.

4. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is perhaps the most talked about film of all Batman movies to have ever been released – so we can’t believe we didn’t notice this serious typo of the word “heist” in The Gotham Times newspaper.

5. Cast Away

As Tom Hanks, playing the role of Chuck Nolan, finds a floating FedEx box in the ocean, but we’re surprised that the cardboard isn’t soggy from the water…

6. Pulp Fiction

We’re surprised that one of Quentin Tarantino’s most popular films would have an error, but the most iconic scene of the movie sees bullet holes in the wall before any shooting actually takes place…

7. Lord Of The Rings – The Hobbit

Orlando Bloom, who played Legolas, is seen with his natural brown eyes in all of the Lord of the Rings films. However, when he appears in The Hobbit film franchise, his eyes are blue.

8. Dallas Buyers Club

In one scene in the film, which is set in 1985, you can see a poster of a Lamborghini Aventador behind Woodroof. However, this specific model of Lamborghini actually did not exist until 2011.

9. Dirty Dancing

In the car scene, Johnny is supposed to be driving – but the gearshift shows that the car is actually parked.

10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Any Harry Potter knows the main characteristic of Harry’s appearance is that he has his mothers eyes. In the books they’re green, but in the films his eyes are blue. Either way, in the flashback scene of his mother, the actress playing Lily has brown eyes… Going against the strongly emphasized point.

11. Forrest Gump

In the 1975 film, Forrest recieved an exciting letter, and we got to see the header – a highly obvious apple logo. However, the company only started trading and became a public name in 1981, six years after the film was set.

12. Rain Man

Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise are stuck in a phone box together, and according to reports, Dustin Hoffman passed a nice bit of gas for his co-star to enjoy. Fun fact, ey?

13. Fast and the Furious 7

Classic F&F style, there’s lots of explosions. In this case, it’s close to a house – people are sent flying everywhere, but despite this, not a single window bursts. Not a single shatter. Not one smash.

14. The Princess and the Frog

Animation is a real talent, but this is a pretty obvious mistake – in one scene, Tiana is flashing the sassy gold earrings, but a few moments later they’ve mysteriously been removed from view – maybe she lost one and decided to just go without?

15. Gladiator

Oops, on here again – a gas canister in full view of the camera during a chariot race, when gas canisters hadn’t been invented yet otherwise they probably wouldn’t have been running around with horses and chariots in the first place.

16. Star Wars

This blooper is beyond hilarious – when the stromtrooper hits it’s head on the door frame. Originally they edited out the ‘bump’ sound, but on the digital remastered versions, they left it in.

17. Jungle Book

In the newest version of the Walt Disney classic, you can see a rain scene but the actors aren’t being rained on at all. The creatures that live in the jungle aren’t being splashed on, and neither are the people, such as Mowgli. Did you notice?

18. Deadpool

There’s one scene where Reynolds ends up in a dumpster, and he doesn’t have his swords on his back. He climbs out of the dumpster, and the swords have somehow found their way back onto his back again. A few moments later, heading to his apartment and casually strolling down the street, the swords have disappeared one more time. Make up your mind!

19. Spy Kids

Recording films when there are mirrors around is a very bad idea – you will almost always see a camera man trying to hide from the reflection.

20. Pirates of the Caribbean

We all knew about his obsession with rum, but who knew Captain Jack Sparrow’s favourite brand was Addidas?


21. The Matrix

Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne look pretty cool in this door handle reflection shot, but we’re not too sure about the camera man…

22. Troy

You’d have thought someone might have noticed this very modern plane flying in the background of a very not-modern Brad Pitt in full warrior costume.

23. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

What is it with these camera men and wanting their claim to fame? A full-grown camera man, dropped to his knees among the Hogwarts students… I wonder what house he’s in.

24. Braveheart

The 13th century warrior is seen wearing a kilt throughout the movie, yet the kilt itself wasn’t invented until the 16th century.

25. Braveheart… Again

We hardly imagine that the baseball cap would have gone well with the kilt that wasn’t in fashion yet either.

26. The Lion King

Nala, the best friend of Simba, seems to have changing-color-eyes. In some scenes, they’re blue, and in others, they’re green.

27. Gothika

Robert Downey Jr. and Halle Berry were shooting a struggle scene, when he accidentally got a bit too heavy handed and actually broke her arm, causing an eight to ten week pause in the filming process.

28. Rumble in the Bronx

Chan’s character in the movie wears a right sock to hide a plaster cast because, whilst doing one of his own stunts, he seriously injured himself.

29. American Sniper

Bradley Cooper can quite visibly be seen using his thumb to move the baby’s hand … because the baby is a doll.

30. Django Unchained

There is one scene in which the characters are dining, and illustrating his words, Leonardo DiCaprio hits his hand down on the table. His hand gets cut on glass shards, but in true professional style, Leo keeps himself together and continues to film the scene – and it made the cut!

31. The Aviator

In the film set in 1928, DiCaprio is seen purchasing a box of delicious chocolate chip cookies… even though they weren’t invented until at least two or three yeas later.

32. Independence Day

If you take a look at the streets leading up to the exploding building, you’ll notice that they’re not the actual streets that exist in real life. The Empire State Building doesn’t sit straight down a long road like that.

33. 300

300 is a movie set in around 480 BC. How did the army use bombs as directed by Xerxes if it wasn’t until the 9th century that the powder was invented – black powder necessary for the weapons they used?

34. Panic Room

To escape, Jodie Foster’s character sets fire to propane. The propane rises, she drops to the floor, and is instantly saved from the flames. Unfortunately, in real life, you’d be dead if you tried that. The propane wouldn’t have risen, it would have sunk to the floor, being heavier than air and all.

35. Lord of the Rings

A classic movie mistake like this one didn’t stop the nominations for over 30 Academy Awards, and they won a staggering 17 of them too.

36. Back to the Future

In one scene, Marty is seen having a whale of a time with a guitar that hadn’t been released yet. The movie was set in the year 1955, but the guitar itself wasn’t released until 1958.

37. The Book of Eli

Denzel Washington’s character was seen reading a bible made with braille for the partially-sighted. However braille books are often much bigger and thicker than regular books, and so the bible in the film just wasn’t big enough. In reality, it would have been over 38 volumes.

38. Titanic

The Titanic famously sunk after hitting an iceberg in 1912, five years before the actual Lake Wassata was formed by a man-made dam in 1917. So that whole ice-fishing tale Jack told Rose? He must’ve made up…

39. Django Unchained

Django “Freeman” is often seen wearing a super cool pair of sunglasses in the movie set in the 1850’s. However at the time doctors would give sunglasses out to people who needed them for medical reasons.

40. Saving Private Ryan

Captain Miller has been hurt in battle, and he’s composing himself, resting on the ground, leaning up against a motorcycle. The motorcycle in question is a Ural M-63, and a rather authentic model at that. However the bike wasn’t actually released until over eighteen years after the movie was set.