Woman Flies 4,000 Miles Around The World For Game Of Tag

Woman Flies 4,000 Miles Around The World For Game Of Tag

Woman Flies 4,000 Miles Around The World For Game Of Tag

Kids still love playing tag don’t they? After all, it’s a game that requires a number of different skills including risk assessment, hyper-awareness and the ability to run really, really fast.

Tag, also called touch, tig or ‘tick’ if you grew up on Merseyside, is a popular playground game in which the player who is ‘it’ chases the other players, trying to touch one of them, thereby making that person ‘it.’


Back in the day, a game of tag was truly gripping stuff. And it seems as though some adults among us haven’t quite been able to let go of those happy childhood memories, because now an extreme form of tag has begun to surface in the USA.

An American woman named Georgina Wilkinson engaged in a deeply-competitive game of international tag when she flew over 4,000 miles to the UK simply to tell her friend ‘you’re it’ before immediately flying home. No, we’re not joking.

Georgina’s friend Drew McEwan couldn’t quite believe it when what he believed to be an innocent gardener suddenly stood up and tagged him during his niece’s christening in Loch Lomond.

Georgina told Unilad that a group of her and ten friends have been playing the extreme form of international tag for over six years.

“We’re spaced all over the world, from Sydney to me in the USA.

The tags started off small with my friend Glen travelling from Manchester to London to get me in my office at work and then they slowly built up to last year when my friend Charlotte flew to North Carolina to get me in a haunted museum.

We play in June and December and there’s only one tag each time so we’re done for June now. Our only rules are no backsies (you cant get the person who got you) and you have to immediately leave and run away.”

It took Georgina six months to plan and save money for her Transatlantic tag on Drew. That’s dedication!