Our 8 Absolute Favourite Events From Gladiators

Our 8 Absolute Favourite Events From Gladiators

Our 8 Absolute Favourite Events From Gladiators

“Contender ready! Gladiator ready! 3, 2, 1…”

Gladiators was aired from October 1992 until January 2000, and we absolutely loved it. We all had our favourite Gladiator, from the ripped muscles and questionable hair of Hunter to the beautiful Jet, and we would relish the opportunity on Saturday nights to watch them battle the various victims (contestants).

But as well as having our favourite Gladiator, we also had our favourite event. There were a total of 24 events during the original 8 year run of the show, with some being dropped for safety reasons, and some never making it onto our TV screens in the first place.

Below we have selected our favourite 8 of these events, but we know that you’ll have your personal favourites also. Which ones haven’t we included that you’re convinced we should have?


1) Atlaspheres

Perhaps Atlaspheres could appear to be slow sometimes, but we loved it for two reasons. One, it was the first ever event shown on Gladiators in 1992. Two, we would all have loved to have had a go at moving around one of the massive spheres, especially if the event’s theme song of ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen was playing in the background.

2) Danger Zone

What wasn’t to like about this one? The contestant had to move across a ‘Danger Zone’ whilst avoiding tennis balls being fired by the Gladiator in their sniper spot. To add to the brilliance, the contestant had the chance to fire weapons of their own, trying to hit a target above the Gladiator and earn them 5 extra points. Few managed it.

3) Duel

This was the one. Gladiator and contestants on top of platforms with only a pugil stick to attack and defend. Who can forget Shadow’s domination of this event, which may have unfortunately been partly down to the steroid use that saw him kicked off the show. Shadow did occasionally lose thought, as the following clip shows…

4) Gauntlet


This one was brutal, with the contestant attempting to ‘run a gauntlet’ by passing Gladiators armed with ramrods. As the following clip shows, even the strongest and most athletic of men and women could struggle…

5) Hang Tough

Another ‘tough’ event that the Gladiators tended to dominate. The contestant had to swing between one platform and another on gymnastic rings, with the Gladiator doing their best to intercept them. Failure resulted in some sexy body grinding between the two of them as the Gladiator tried to bring the contestant down to the safety mat.

6) Skytrak

Who wouldn’t have wanted to have a go at this? (apart from those of us with vertigo of course). Surely the most spectacular of the events, Skytrak saw 2 contestants suspended 40 feet in the air being chased by Gladiators. Failure resulted in a shower of sparks coming out of the contestant’s backside…

7) Swingshot

Another event that looked so much fun, with everyone attached to bungee cords and the Gladiators trying to stop the contestants having to put coloured balls in scoring baskets.

8) The Wall

Contestants attempt to climb up a 36 foot climbing wall, while the Gladiators give chase and attempt to pull them off. Boy could some of the Gladiators get up the wall quickly, I seem to remember Hunter being a master at this.