80's Freebies And Collectibles You Might Remember

80’s Freebies And Collectibles You Might Remember

80’s Freebies And Collectibles You Might Remember

Who doesn’t love a good freebie, or the sense of satisfaction when you trade in tokens for a free gift? Let’s see how many of these you remember!

1. Soup Recipe Bowls

These bowls, which came complete with a handy recipe on the side, are proving to be a bit of a phenomenon. You’ve probably seen them in charity shops, your mum’s cupboard, and there are quite a few available as vintage items on eBay, but the Internet seems pretty stumped as to where they actually came from.

There are sources that say that they came as freebies at petrol stations, so that’s probably right.

2. NatWest Pigs

When young savers took on their first bank account, they were gifted with these delightful little pigs. The more money you could save, the more pigs were available for you to get your trotters on.

A quick look at eBay tells me that a complete set of 5 pigs, including a limited Wade Panda moneybox is up for sale for £149! This moneybox was a freebie given to kids under 7 opening a World Saver account.

And you can’t deny – it is pretty cute.

Image: Etsy

3. Saver Books For Green Shield Stamps

These books could be filled with collectible Green Shield stamps and exchanged for stuff from a catalogue. The gifts offered were things you’d find around the home, and you could get anything from a TV to a washing machine to a car.

4. Golden Wonder Operation Survival Badges

If you remember collecting these, you’ll know that you had to send off 10 tokens from Golden Wonder crisp packets to get one. They were created in 1981 and marked the 20th anniversary of WWF. Golden Wonder donated 10p to the fund every time they received 10 tokens, too.

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