80's Kids Who Loved He-Man Will Find Skeletor's Twitter Hilarious

80’s Kids Who Loved He-Man Will Find Skeletor’s Twitter Hilarious

80’s Kids Who Loved He-Man Will Find Skeletor’s Twitter Hilarious

@GrumpySkeltor is the Twitter account of the infamous Skelator, known for his feud with He-Man back in the 80’s. He also featured on the ‘You’re so Money Supermarket’ advert, so that’s something.

And in these hilariously funny 33 tweets, we get to see the real personality behind the villain. He insults He-Man, he poses for pictures, he somehow represents all of us, as well as ruining our childhoods. But it’s totally worth it, because we promise it’ll make you breath that little harder out your nose which is the internet equivalent to laughing your head off. You’re welcome, enjoy.

1. That isn’t quite how we remembered the dialogue…

2. I sure hope he’s releasing a 2018 edition.

3. That’s fair enough, Skeletor. We can’t fight you on that one.

4. Now this is pure evil.

5. And he doesn’t shy away from politics, either.

6. Now this is what we call a roast.

7. When you wanna be lazy but you also wanna be mean.

8. He’s seen things. That’s why he is how he is.

9. It isn’t just He-Man he goes after.

10. How humiliating – don’t let the kids see this side of He-Man.

11. Standard.

12. Childhood ruined.

13. Day well spent.

14. She doesn’t look too pleased, does she?

15. Absolutely livid.

16. We can all relate to this one. It’s too real.

17. He’s never looked better.

18. Well he has a point with this one.

19. He-Man just got exposed.

20. The resemblance is uncanny.

21. It happens every time – there’s always one.

22. Can never trust Beast Man to do anything.

23. #TransferDeadlineDay

24. Work the camera, hun.

25. He’s secretly very generous and giving.

26. Not again!

27. Now that’s an awkward moment. We wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

28. We don’t even want to imagine what that must feel like.

29. Again, he’s not wrong.

30. Re-Branding.

31. Good job, He-Man.

32. Yet again – goodbye, childhood.

33. We’d love to read the whole thing, to be honest.