Mobile Apps Your Partner Could Be Using To Cheat

Mobile Apps Your Partner Could Be Using To Cheat

Mobile Apps Your Partner Could Be Using To Cheat

In times gone by, it wasn’t so easy to catch out a cheating partner. Maybe word of mouth, or the unfortunate luck of catching them in the act.

As times have changed, so has technology. The introduction of the internet opened up a whole new dark, somewhat seedy place for the potentially unfaithful to lurk. A quick check of a internet history would inform you exactly what your partner has been up too.

Websites such as Ashley Madison aimed to make it easier for people to have an affair. With a huge community of like minded people online, it was easy to arrange hook ups at your discretion, and have your identity protected, so your “loved one” was none the wiser.

Ironic then that the website itself was hacked in August 2015, with the hackers revealing details of thousands of members that subscribe to this seedy service.

Karma is sometimes a wonderful thing.

The adulterers of 2018 are far more devious, and tend not to leave any such trail. Like criminals themselves, they constantly adapt, and find new ways to remain undetected. But, the information in this piece will equip you with the ability to catch them on an even playing field. As we reveal how you can confirm your suspicions, and catch your partner red handed.

There is now in fact a whole host of mobile apps designed with the purpose of disguising an unfaithful partners unfaithful ways. So I’d maybe be wary if you find one of these on your partners phone.

If you were rather untrustworthy of your other half, and began to look through their phone, would you bother opening the calculator for example?

The reason I say this, is because the Private Photo App icon looks just like a calculator. In order to unlock the hidden content that has been stored, you must input the correct password. The photo’s stored here will never enter your main Camera Roll. Sneaky sneaky.

Tiger Text
Whilst not an app that will directly assist you in cheating, the app allows users to hide their texts. If someone you don’t want bothering you, say your mistress, tries to call you, the app will play an “out of service” tone.

The app was apparently created with the purpose of use in business, but serial cheaters have found another use for it.

Nosy Trap

Designed for those who are having an affair, but fear their partner maybe on to them. Nosy Trap could potentially help you catch them out, before they catch you out.

If you are to leave your phone unattended, and suspect somebody may begin to have a rummage through it, enable the app.

If your partner does then grab your phone with anxious curiosity, the front camera will then take a picture of them.

Fox Private Message. 

If you walk into a room with your partner in, and they begin to randomly begin to shake their phone, alarm bells should start ringing.  The Fox Private Message app in essence deletes all messages, when the device is shaken.

The app itself actually shows up as a disguise on your phone. You have the ability to add any new number as a private contact. Going forward this means that any messages received from this number will be stored on the hidden app, as opposed to your standard messages.

So the world of sleazy, serial cheaters  has been compromised. We have given you the knowledge required to know ensure you are one step ahead of the game. The offending partner think they have you, they think you’re not in the know. But you’re in the know.

I hereby give you permission to go bust your partner, and rid your life of such a poisonous other half.