9 Hilarious Teams From "Knightmare" That Completely Failed

9 Hilarious Teams From “Knightmare” That Completely Failed

9 Hilarious Teams From “Knightmare” That Completely Failed

Remember Knightmare, late 80s and early 90s kids? Here’s a few blundering teams who failed miserably at playing the game.

1. Brian, Craig, Tom, and Gavin from Glasgow

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They came all the way from Scotland only for their quest to last a mere 11 minutes. Was it even worth it? They made it through the second room thanks to dungeon maid ‘Mellisandre’ who assisted them, but they ended up guiding their friend into quicksand a few seconds afterwards.

In an email to the Knightmare fan site in 2001, Gavin admitted that their team was even given a second chance: “We actually died on the Serpent’s Tongue but were allowed to carry on because the next team had not yet arrived at the studios! Our directional sense was poor to say the least and we still have arguments as to who’s fault it was.”

2. Justin, Gideon, Benjamin, and Daniel from London

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The creator of Knightmare, Tim Child, said that this team ended up being his ‘outstanding’ memory of the whole series. The boys were so stressed out by the quest that they couldn’t stop blaspheming, which wasn’t permitted on CITV back then.

“We had a lot of editing to do,” said Tim. “We cut out about 200 ‘Oh God’s”.

3. Ciarán, Keith, Paul, and Chris from London

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The London team spent 40 minutes navigating the fantasy dungeon but ended up getting their friend eaten by a wall after they didn’t pick up the password for this part of the quest earlier in the game. They tried using a colour code instead, which wasn’t even related and that Chris managed to get wrong anyway.

4. Cath, Stephen, Karen, and Nathan from Southampton

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After making it all the way to round three, Nathan was badly instructed and was sent to his doom by a directionally challenged team mate. Maybe it would have been a good idea to write a big ‘L’ and ‘R’ on the respective hands of his friends before trusting them with this one.

5. Rowena, Rebecca, Angela, and Richard from Bracknell

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This team’s nightmare took place way before they even set foot on the studio. A member of their team – Angel – unexpectedly dropped out at the last second, so the production team had to replace her with Richard, a 15 year old lad who apparently couldn’t keep his eyes from looking down cast member’s top.

The makeshift team only managed 14 minutes in game, before they were scorched by Bhal-Shebah the red dragon.

6. Ian, Nathan, Jeremy, and Scott from Ash Vale

Scott was made to look stupid by his friends, who apparently thought that the shadows on the walls made a convincing door. After being made to headbutt the wall several times, Hugo Myatt finally interrupted to tell them, “there’s no door there, team.”

6a. Ian, Nathan, Jeremy, and Scott (again)

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Ian, Nathan, and Jeremy had already done Scott no favours on the spatial awareness front, but they made him attempt to jump over a chasm anyway.

7. Andrew, Richard, Simon, and Andrew from Swansea

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This team made it to level two before one of Simon’s friends made him sidestep into a pit. Some could argue that it didn’t even look like an accident.

9. Nicholas, Matthew, David, and Simon from Cornwall

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These boys reached level three to take part in the “play your cards right” challenge, but managed to touch the wrong card, sending their friend plunging to his fictional death. The chap in the middle clearly looks absolutely devastated.

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