"A Florida Man" Aka Hellmuth Kolb Tried To Buy An 8-Year-Old Girl For $200,000 In Walmart

“A Florida Man” Aka Hellmuth Kolb Tried To Buy An 8-Year-Old Girl For $200,000 In Walmart

“A Florida Man” Aka Hellmuth Kolb Tried To Buy An 8-Year-Old Girl For $200,000 In Walmart


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There’s an unspoken rule here in America; any news story that begins with the words; “A Florida Man…” are more often than not the wildest, bat-crap crazy news story you’ll ever hear, and the one I’m about to tell you is 100%, no exceptions to this.

This time, “A Florida Man” refers to an elderly Walmart customer An elderly Walmart customer who actually attempted to purchase an 8 year-old girl.  Yeah… I know.

Hellmuth Kolb (aka “A Florida Man”) was arrested after approaching a mother and pressuring her to sell him her 8-year-old daughter inside the Walmart superstore on Dunlawton Avenue in Port Orange, Florida.

The mother in question, Tracy Nigh, was sitting on a bench with her daughter when Kolb approached them. Kold then asked Nigh if she was married and initially she thought he was harmless.

“It seemed like a friendly conversation,” she told WXYZ Detroit, an ABC affiliate news station. “He didn’t seem like a threat at first.”

The exchange soon took a disturbing turn, however, when Kolb suddenly proposed buying her daughter… with an initial offer of $100,000!

“The first amount was $100,000, the second amount was $150,000 and then the final amount was $200,000,” Nigh said. “I then said ‘No, we have to go.'”

I think what was going through my mind was, ‘What was going to happen here?’ and I just need to get her away as quickly as possible.

As if that was horrifying enough, when Nigh got up to leave with her daughter safely, Kolb then grabbed the young girl’s hand and KISSED her wrist. Luckily, Walmart’s surveillance cameras captured every detail of the moment on camera.

Nigh then immediately notified the Walmart security about the disturbing encounter with Kolb before fleeing the premises with her daughter in hand.

Deputies were soon able to identify Kolb through a credit card transaction which was linked to the man himself, and believe it or not, but another woman reached out to police via Facebook and shared a scarily similar experience with a man who fit the same description as Kolb.

The next step was to confront Kolb at his home, and when officers did this, Kolb told them he did recall meeting Nigh and her daughter, but allegedly had no recollection of actually grabbing the young girl, according to WNDB Radio.

Kolb was eventually given a simple battery and false imprisonment charge after correctly being identified from a photo lineup and was then booked into the Volusia County Jail the following Saturday.

He was then later released.

Of course, people within the community rightly began to express legitimate concerns for the safety of their community.

However, there was one person who expressed concerns about Kolb’s mental health, suggesting his mental stability could possibly be deteriorating;

@true_pundit he might have a criminal record but he might be 81 and suffering from Dementia etc and starting to act… https://t.co/XvV8sfsVaC

— Private Investigator (@TheSecretsSafe)


Nigh eventually posted about her harrowing encounter with Kolb on Facebook in order to warn others;

I felt like it was a duty to my community that I needed to warn other parents. The more that come forward the better I think for this and for the community.


All I can say is, stay safe out there folks!