A 7-Year-Old Has Spent The Last 2 Years Saving The Lives Of Over 1,200 Dogs

A 7-Year-Old Has Spent The Last 2 Years Saving The Lives Of Over 1,200 Dogs

A 7-Year-Old Has Spent The Last 2 Years Saving The Lives Of Over 1,200 Dogs

In what can only be considered a remarkable act of kindness, an inspiring little boy has spent the last two years saving the lives of well over 1,000 dogs who were on their way to be euthanised.

Roman McConn, 7, and his mom Jennifer, 36, have quite incredibly already rescued at least 1,200 pooches who had no families and were situated in various high-kill dog centres across the country.

It all began when the pair adopted their own family dog Luna and were horrified to find out just how many pups were spending their last moments in cages, unloved being sent off to meet their end before their time.

When they saw what was going on, they simply couldn’t walk away and pretend that the world was all rainbows and happiness. They knew that had to do something… and boy did they do something amazing!

Roman and his mom decided to set up a charitable organisation called ‘Project Freedom Ride‘ and immediately organised the transfer of 31 dogs to Washington State all the way from Texas.

The charity is designed to help save dogs from ‘death row’ shelters and transport them to families all over the states who are looking to adopt dogs and welcome them into a loving home. It’s hard to think about, but the lack of a direct link between many of these shelters and people looking to adopt means that many dogs won’t see this Christmas, despite there being no reason for them not to. What a freakin’ waste of life ay?

But, thanks to Roman being the lifeblood of the newly formed charitable organisation, things are slowly changing.

In order to find homes for the discarded pups, Roman and Jennifer have had to work extremely hard, building relationships with a number of shelters throughout Texas in an attempt to save the lives of numerous pooches.

The decision to set up the Project Freedom Ride charity came after Roman impressively disregarded the idea of receiving presents for his birthday and instead asked for donations so that he could help the animals instead. Which, I have to say, is a pretty remarkably selfless thing to do. Especially for a 7-year old!

In order to transfer a dog half-way across the country, a fair amount of money is involved (roughly $11,000 to be precise). And, with Roman relying almost solely on donations, spreading awareness is vital.

You might think that this young boy is the perfect face for an organisation of this kind because it’s cute to see a young boy care so deeply for other living beings, but it’s actually his mom, Jennifer who does all the behind the scenes work. But, you’d be wrong.

Of course Jennifer works extremely hard to make things happen, but Roman is no slouch either. He actively promotes the charity in whatever way he can. He presents the videos that get uploaded to Facebook and even calls individual families regarding their interest.

He genuinely cares and it’s amazing to see.

Speaking about the way in which things have snowballed, Jennifer said:

“Roman inspired me to get involved in rescue and after a video of him visiting with a shelter dog went viral, Project Freedom Ride was renewed.” 

“I never thought Project Freedom Ride and Roman would receive this much attention – we thought we’d just save a few dogs.”

“People have really gravitated towards Roman, because he’s articulate, empathetic with the dogs and when he sees a problem he wants to fix it.” 

“It’s because of him that we’ve been able to do this – it’s been incredible.”

Here’s what Roman had to say about it:

“We saw so many dogs that needed homes, so for my birthday, instead of presents we raised donations for our local shelter.” 

“There have been a few dogs that are very hyper and I’ve been scared to meet with them, but they’re really just puppies and they’re so sweet.” 

“We really enjoy it.” 

“It doesn’t just make me happy, I’m sure it makes all the dogs happy”

If this story has hit home with you, please donate to Project Freedom Ride.

Check out the video from Inside Edition below and prepare shed a few tears:

(Video Credit: Inside Edition)