Almost Half Of All Women Are Turned OFF By A Man Who Looks Like This

Almost Half Of All Women Are Turned OFF By A Man Who Looks Like This


Funny, likes animals, kind, smart, generous. Admit it folks, we all have our own personal checklist of things we’d like to have in a potential partner.



While most people imagine that a tidy and well-groomed appearance is what a woman wants, unluckily for them, we’re a lot more complicated than they originally thought.

Almost half of women hate it when men groom a certain area of their bodies, and no gentlemen, it’s not where you’re thinking. Can anyone guess what that area is?

Their legs!


Women’s Health recently released a survey which asked women ‘What Do You Think About Guys Shaving Their Legs?’

49.3% thought that men with shaved legs thought it was ‘weird’! That’s almost half the survey results! 28.5 per cent of women said ‘I don’t like clean shaven but I do appreciate a man who trims leg hair down.’ However, 22.2 per cent answered ‘It’s awesome. I love a man with clean-shaven legs.’

Another study in the journal of Evolutionary Psychology shows that women a lot of women go for a pair of nice legs, and a concern for others when looking for a partner.

The journal also uncovered that women would go for a partner who was considerate and alright in the looks department, over someone who was hot but cold hearted.

The Prime Example of a 'Douchebag'

The Prime Example of a ‘Douchebag’



Basically, guys, show off your selfless side and you’ll be more likely to get yourself a girl who will keep you around! Also, maybe refrain from shaving your legs… Just saying!