This Alternative Ending For Last Night’s Eastenders Has Left Viewers Angry And Confused

This Alternative Ending For Last Night’s Eastenders Has Left Viewers Angry And Confused




After teasing viewers with an alternative ending to the New Years Day Eastenders episode, viewers have been left less than impressed.


As you probably already know if you are a fan of the show, last night saw the tragic death of sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell. It was the wedding day of Ronnie who finally married Jack Branning. After the wedding, Ronnie grabbed Roxy and took her onto the roof for a sneaky drink of champagne and a chat.

Viewers all knew that the pair were going to die in this episode after weeks of teasing from Eastenders. At first it seemed that the pair would fall to their death from the roof but then they climbed back down and went off to the hotel swimming pool.

Roxy who had been drinking and possibly taking drugs jumped in the pool and appeared to drown. Ronnie jumped in to save her but the weight of her wedding dress meant that she couldn’t get back to the surface. The pair both drowned.


Before the episode, the BBC announced that there would be an alternate ending to the show and that they would need to follow Eastenders on Snap Chat to see what it is.

After hours of waiting, the Snap Chats started to come in. And they were really crap. I mean they were like something your little brother would make as a school project.

Then after a series of bizarre pictures accompanied with actors voices from the show, we are shown a few seconds of blurred images that appear to show Roxy dead on the snooker table and the Ronnie and Jack in the hospital.

Here it is in case you didn’t fall for Eastenders Snapchat marketing ploy.

Fans are a bit confused about the whole thing.