If You Answer 'Yes' To These Four Questions Then You May Have A Problem With Alcohol

If You Answer ‘Yes’ To These Four Questions Then You May Have A Problem With Alcohol

If You Answer ‘Yes’ To These Four Questions Then You May Have A Problem With Alcohol

Alcohol is a great social lubricant. However, it’s also something that can be easily abused.

We’ve all seen depictions of alcoholics on TV and on film. They’re usually people in their later year, with a beard, and a foul attitude. But we’re not like them so we can’t have a problem, right?

Well, alcoholism doesn’t have an age limit. Anyone can be an alcoholic. It’s not an exclusive club that only people in their middle ages can join. That’s something a lot of people forget about all too easily.

You may remember Dr. Brad McKay from Embarrassing Bodies Down Under. Well, he’s created a small list of questions to help determine if you have a problem with alcohol.


There are only four questions, but if you answer yes to them, it can indicate that you may have a problem. These questions will make you think twice about how much you drink.

Have you ever been criticized for your drinking habits?

It might be a friendly reminder that you’re going out too much, or that you’re drunk a lot of the time. Whether it’s from your family or a friend. Maybe you should listen to them.

If you’re drinking alone to feel free from the potential ridicule, then maybe it’s time to think about your drinking.

Do you recover from a hangover by having another drink?

Despite being a world famous for being one of the best hangover cures, ‘hair of the dog’ isn’t commonly used as a cure for a bad morning. While it can ease the pain of a hangover, it can also indicate that you have an unhealthy relationship with drinking.

Do You Feel Quilty About Drinking?

Telling yourself you shouldn’t be drinking so much is quite common in the early stages of alcoholism. Your self-awareness is quite telling of the condition.  However, this isn’t just when you’re hungover, knowing you’re drinking too much when you’re clear-headed is also a sign that you need a break from alcohol.

Do You Think You Should Cut Down On How Much You Drink?

Have you ever thought you’ve had enough of drinking? Ever thought that you should stop drinking for the rest of the night while on a night out but carried on drinking anyway?

It’s nothing to worry about, but if you notice yourself saying this more and more, maybe it’s time to call it quits for a little while when it comes to drinking.

If you’re worried about your alcohol habits, then you can get some support and advice by calling Alcoholics Anonymous on 08009177650. Or you can email them at [email protected]


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