Apparently Pink Coffins Are The Next Pool Inflatable Craze

Apparently Pink Coffins Are The Next Pool Inflatable Craze

Apparently Pink Coffins Are The Next Pool Inflatable Craze

Pool inflatables have quite literally blown up (sorry) over the past year or so! We’ve seen photos of the England team riding on inflatable unicorns during their down time, whilst supermarkets such as Aldi have been releasing novelty hot dog-shaped inflatables for swimmers to relax on.

But now it seems as though cute flamingos and pretty white swans are about to make way for a slightly more somber kind of blow-up toy, because now pictures have emerged on the internet of a new coffin-shaped inflatable!

That’s right – it looks as though pink inflatable coffins are the next craze to hit swimming pools this summer. This would be the perfect accessory for any nihilists out there who want to philosophise about their own mortality whilst enjoying a cocktail at the pool.

Personally, we really like the combination of death and bright neon colours – it’s a talking point, if nothing else.

Plus, the coffin is large enough for people of all shapes and sides to fit in, and you can even put the lid over if you think you might be getting sunburnt. Or just in case you want to realise all of your worst fears during a relaxing break at the pool.

It seems as though the coffins have generally received a positive welcome on social media, with some Twitter users going mad over the novelty pink inflatable.

Unfortunately, if you’re wondering which supermarket you need to pop down to in order to pick up one of these delightful pool toys, then you’re in for a disappointment. At the moment, the coffin is merely a prototype, designed by Andrew Greenbaum. However, he’s put the model on Kickstarter and is hoping to generate enough money to put the coffin on the market soon!

In the mean time, we’ll just have to settle for a boring old unicorn.