Armacost Removed From Living Room After Furious Bust Up With Fellow House Mate

Armacost Removed From Living Room After Furious Bust Up With Fellow House Mate

It all kicked off in the CBB house today over bottles of water of all things.

Austin Armacost had to be removed from the Celebrity Big Brother living room after a bust-up with Heidi Montag.

He was ordered into the diary room after a row with The Hills star got very heated.

“You and your husband took all the water!” after housemates noticed that Spencer Pratt had been hiding the bottled water in their bed for later.

The argument got so heated that Heidi needed to shout for Big Brother to get Austin out of her face. The shows producers were forced to Austin into the diary room to stop a full-on CBB row breaking out.

After calming down and leaving the diary room, Austin is confronted by Spencer who admits he did take the water and that it was not Heidi.

“Heidi didn’t take any of the water,” he tells him adding: “I didn’t know it said Austin’s water, I wouldn’t want to take Austin’s water!”

It has not been a good start for Austin who has already been the target of a ‘homophobic’ comment from X Factor singer Stacy Francis. She referred to him as “the gay boy” as the housemates discussed sleeping arrangements and bed sharing.

She stated: “So [Ray j] didn’t want to sleep with Brandon? But he will sleep with a gay boy? The boy that wants to… the gay boy.

“Isn’t Austin gay? So [Ray J] okay with that?”

She then said she was just “being sarcastic”, after the fellow housemates said they would all happily share with a gay guy.

She added: “Everyone is so serious, oh my god.”


Her comments pissed off a lot of viewers.

Oh well it looks like CBB is in full swing already.