Artist Decides To Deliver THE GOOD NEWS Via Funny Flyers!

Artist Decides To Deliver THE GOOD NEWS Via Funny Flyers!

Artist Decides To Deliver THE GOOD NEWS Via Funny Flyers!

If you regularly watch the news or read articles on the internet, then I’m pretty sure that all you will be seeing is doom and gloom.

& Don’t get me wrong, I understand that journalism and reporting make a living off the bad things that happen in the world and I guess that’s just the way it’s always been.

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Very rarely do you get anything good and uplifting flashing up on the TV or on your phone, which is a shame because you can’t have bad without the good? Why can’t we see the good that’s happening in the world sometimes!?

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Well, whatever it is, sometimes we DO want to see the good instead of all the drama and one street artist who goes by the name of Jaco Haasbroek.
This unconditional storyteller uses his art to creates hilarious, uplifting and obviously still fake, (but it doesn’t matter because it’s good) news stories designed to give people passing by a good ol’ smile and a chuckle.

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Because life is way too short to be so gloomy all the time… (keep reading to see examples of some of his brilliant work!)

1. You old Dog!

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Yay! Well done, old Doggo! Nice to see that it can actually be done! #goodnewsforalltheolddogsoutthere

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2. You’re such a good boy!

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

See, kids!? If you eat veggies, then it certainly pays off! #doitforthepudding
Let’s just hope that some impressionable kids were walking by this, it just might make some frustrated parents very happy!

3. You won’t get me this time, bird!

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

I’m so happy for the worm, right now. Every worm has got to have its day right!? Does this mean that it’s now okay to stay in bed every now and again!? I sure hope so, because I really need a lie in, pronto!

4. It’s about time!

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Well done, Dogface! It’s nice to see that, for once, your borks haven’t been misdirected! It looks like the good things are moving on up in the world!

5. Priceless

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Wow, I wonder what the cash equivalent to 1007 words is!? It’s got to be a lot, am I right!? I mean, finding the rare 1007 words picture doesn’t happen every day!
& To be honest, if this were real, I’d actually love to see what it’s a picture of, mind you, it’d probably still be something to do with Donald Trump with his trousers down!

6. All nice guys have their day

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Aww, in all seriousness, I think this is a pretty sweet one. I’ve always hated the whole ‘nice guys finish last’ thing. We shouldn’t be told that being nice will put you back in life, nor should we be told that it’s some kind of weakness. Being kind is cool, kids, you should always be nice.

7. It’s always in the last place you look…

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Well, let’s face it, EVERYTHING can be found online these days, so this certainly doesn’t surprise me!

8. How low can you go!?

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Now, in this context, this is a wonderful thing! & Surely, it means he’s also beaten all limbo records! I just feel sorry for his poor back, I bet he’ll be walking like Quasimodo for the next month!

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9. I see what you did there…

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

I’ve got to admit, this made me laugh way more than it should have done! It’s such a clever play on words! I love it!

10. Nailed it

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Even though this is a total Dad joke, I love it all the more. & Hey! Maybe it’s a Dad joke because it’s a good news story about a Dad!? Like, a joke within a joke!? Hmm? #imoverthinkingagain

11. I just need to find myself

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Well, if I were a global explorer and I went all around the world and I DIDN’T find myself, then, I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty worried. #ihavetobesomewhere

12. Heartbreaker

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Surely there should be a law against putting up such heartbreaking material!? I can’t bear it, it’s so cute! Let’s hope that this adorable picture has broken many a heart (or maybe it’s made this beautiful Doggo famous!? I’d love to see that!)

13. Well, that’s a stroke of luck!

Photo Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Well, that’s not such a bad loss then, is it? If only all of life’s losses could be found in the car!? Now, I’m getting philosophical, it’s probably best to stop soon as that’s never a good thing, you guys don’t want to be subjected to that, believe me!

14. I’m a survivor Credit: Jaco Haasbroek

Yay, good Kitty! Look at this cool cat breaking all the rules and stereotypes! Stay curious, cool cats! It doesn’t always lead to a painful, mysterious death. #honest

Well, that’s all your good news for today, folks! I sincerely hope that it lifted your spirits and put a smile on your face! Even if it was just in a small way…

Keep looking for the good news, kids!

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