21 Tweets Only Someone Who Grew Up In Britain Will Relate To

21 Tweets Only Someone Who Grew Up In Britain Will Relate To

21 Tweets Only Someone Who Grew Up In Britain Will Relate To

Usually, when a hashtag trends on Twitter, you know there’s been either a huge celebrity scandal or breaking news.

However there’s those few times when the trending hashtag forms from a community of people sharing their stories.

A prime example is when #AwfullyBritishFakeFacts trended, providing a compilation of classically British things taken to the extreme, but are still somehow completely plausible.

Most of the comments play to the classic British nature of being overly-polite, saying “sorry” about 10 times for something that wasn’t even your fault – but hey, at least we don’t have a reputation of being rude.

Here are some of the funniest, and most accurate ones out of the bunch:

It’s something that comes naturally to us Brits.

Adding the milk or the water first is something that can tear a family apart.

Yes – January through to December.

On a similar note:

Although, when we get that one week of sun, we complain about that, too. What? – It’s too hot, we’re not used to it!

And let’s not get us started about the tubes in London – there it’s illegal to even make eye contact or smile.

Cob, bun, cap, bread roll to only name a few – but why are there so many names for them? And what do you call them?

I wonder just how many people would genuinely believe this one – that picture is pretty hard evidence.

We all know the pain.

I bet you didn’t even notice you did this until now. Every. Single. Time.

Is she even your nan if she doesn’t do this?

This one goes out to all the rebels out there.


Kids resemble baby giraffes trying to walk for the first time as they try to stay safe.

Until they caught on and started putting chains on them…

This one terrified us all, let’s be honest.

Why did our parents feed us so many scary lies?!

Same goes with when a Ryan Air flight lands.