Big Brother's Grace And Mikey Have Exciting News

Big Brother’s Grace And Mikey Have Exciting News

Big Brother’s Grace And Mikey Have Exciting News

The couple met on series seven of the show, back in 2006 and are still going strong.

Grace Adams-Short and Mikey Dalton, first met back in 2006 on series seven of Big Brother and now they’re expecting their third child!

The pair, who starred alongside Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Nikki Graham 12 years ago, revealed the exciting news on social media.

#34weeks ?

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Grace and Mikey are pictured here on Instagram, with Grace hashtagging 34 weeks to her 9,500 followers and Mikey looking over the moon.

The majority of Big Brother relationships have failed in the past, whereas Grace and Mikey’s relationship seems to be a little bit special than that.

Mikey asked Grace to marry him just four months after the series ended back in 2006, they then got married 3 years later in 2009 at a church in Plymouth.

Grace’s followers loved the pic and are really happy for them. One writing underneath the picture: “So happy you 2 are still together loved you since Big Brother.”

Less than a month and 4 will become 5 ? #36weekspregnant

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Great family photo!

Back in 2016, the pair decided to duck out of the limelight for a while and became entrepreneurs.

Grace now runs a dance school, while Mikey owns an advertising company.


Here’s the couple looking very different from today.

The pair currently have two adorable kids Georgina and Spencer and will soon be a family of 5 rather than 4.

Grace regularly shares pictures of her son and daughter, the most recent picture being a family portrait taken at Christmas.


Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas ❤️

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The pregnant mum of two and soon to be three, was well known as the mean girl in the Big Brother house after she threw a cup of water in housemate Suzie Verrico’s face after she put her up for eviction. She previously spoke out and said that she still receives a lot of stick about the incident.

She said “I get a lot of students asking me ‘what about when you threw the water?’ and I just have to act like the professional principal.”

“It’s the worst thing when you’re trying to be respectable. It’s like having your gap year filmed and everyone watched it.”


It's been a while ….. simply enjoying family time ❤️ #noworknostress

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Grace has also hit out at her attention seeking housemates saying “they go to the opening of a b***** envelope.”

Grace and Mikey aren’t the only Big Brother stars to leave the spotlight.

Noirin Kelly, who appeared on Big Brother 10 is now working in the fashion industry, while Kenzie run his own gyms and is ripped!